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CIA Update for August 2015

posted Aug 24, 2015, 10:17 PM by Julie Mosher   [ updated Aug 25, 2015, 4:36 PM ]

Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!  Please read through this document for important Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment information.  


In order to prepare you for the beginning days of school, we set-up a one stop shop to share an overview for the first week back, locations for those days, and access to the professional collaboration calendar. Please click on the appropriate link below. If you are at multiple schools, choose your home location.

Elementary Middle High

State and District Assessment Update

With the passage of the state budget, there have been some major changes to the Wisconsin State Assessment System.  Click on this LINK for the latest information on large scale and district level assessments for the 2015-2016 School Year.  There is NO WKCE/WAA testing this fall for any grade level and NO fall ACT Aspire for grade 9.  🙌🎉🎊


Elementary Educators--we have heard you loud and clear and through the input of the Elementary Task Force representatives and representatives from the CIA team, that beginning of the year assessments are overwhelming and that it is holding you back from focusing on instruction and building your classroom culture.  Representatives from the CIA team have continued data digging and research.  We have come up with a revised assessment schedule for the 2015-2016 school year as a result.  Listed below are links to assessment windows for Literacy and Math.  

As always, it is SUPER important that we as elementary educators do a great job with assessment protocols and record keeping so that we can pass data on to the next grade level and inform our instruction.  Please work with your IST-Math and IST-Literacy to access data from the spring to start off your instruction this fall.  You can also find data from last school year in the Assessment Tab for each student in Infinite Campus.

Work SMARTER, not harder and maximize instructional minutes!!  

2015-16 Elementary Assessment Timeline:

Grade Level

AVMR Assessments: Infinite Campus Data Deadline

Grades K-5 Fall

October 30, 2015

Grades K-5 Spring

May 27, 2016

Universal Schedule Adjustment for Specialists and A/B Calendar for 2015-16

Click on this LINK for the Universal Schedule Adjustment Memo

Click on this LINK for the A/B middle school calendar

Infinite Campus Grade Book Set Up for 2015-16 School Year

Your CIA Team and Data-Technology Team have been hard at work this summer to make revisions to Infinite Campus standards bank and grade book so that educators, students and parents have a better overall user experience.  Here is a summary of improvements and revisions:

  • Grades K-12 have two terms--Semester 1 and Semester 2--viewed as S1 and S2.  A report card will be issued at the end of semester 1 and semester 2.

  • The grade book term and dates all match!  No more “you are living in T2 or T4”.  

  • The standards bank has been “cleaned up” and the elementary Essential Elements in Literacy and Math have been added.  See you PST how to set up your gradebook for students with an IEP on the Essential Elements.

  • The latest feature update in Infinite Campus freezes the header row and student name column when entering assignments. No more losing your spot!

  • Filter features have been enhanced so that you can enter one student’s information at a time if desired.  

  • The Parent Portal view in IC has been streamlined by making the above revisions.  

The OASD will continue to encourage students and families to go to Infinite Campus as their first stop for information.  PLEASE keep your IC grade book up to date!  We encourage you to update and input assignment data weekly so that students and parents can get the most up to date information.  Keeping up to date with assignment entry will speed up posting at report card and secondary progress reporting time.  In addition, we will be directing elementary families to the IC portal for updated grades at elementary progress report windows.  

Click on this LINK for 2015-16 Grading Dates.

The 15-16 School Year will be turned for educators in Infinite Campus on Tuesday, August 25. The IC parent portal will be turned on 8/26/15 for elementary and 8/31/15 for secondary.

Click on this LINK for High School Infinite Campus Grade Book Set Up--more info to be linked.

Click on this LINK for Middle School Infinite Campus Grade Book Set Up--more info to be linked.

Click on this LINK for Elementary Infinite Campus Grade Book Set Up--podcast will be linked on or before 8/26/15.  Teacher grade books/course sections will be populated on 8/27/15 after open house if not set up already.

Life and Career Skills (LCS)

Life and Career Skills are taught and assessed in grade K-8 in the OASD.  K-5 reports out on LCS standards on the elementary report card.  Grades 6-8 reports out on LCS (formerly known as Effort Grade) each progress report and on the semester report card.  Each middle school will be participating in professional development and learning on LCS the afternoon Thursday, 8/27.

Digital Citizenship & Information Literacy

Please find the Digital Citizenship & Information Literacy scope and sequence for the OASD grades K-12 linked below.  The documents are broken out by level and include grade level expectations, resources and the educators responsible which include classroom teachers, IST-MIL (formerly known as Media Specialists), school counselors, school resource officers, IST--Technology (Tech Coaches).  ​​

K-5 Digital Citizenship & Information Literacy

6-8 Digital Citizenship & Information Literacy

9-12 Digital Citizenship & Information Literacy

Ensuring that all students are College, Career and Community Ready is the primary goal of the OASD.  Working together to implement the Digital Citizenship & Information Literacy scope and sequence is a step needed as we roll out Learning Without Limits--1:1 initiative and to meet the Learning Without Limits objective:  Provide a rigorous, relevant, and connected personalized learning system preparing students for the world they will graduate into.

This is a work in progress and will evolve over time. Educators will be working with IST-MIL and IST-Technology this year to establish the scope and sequence.  We want to make sure our students have the tools and information they need to learn in a digital environment efficiently and safely.  Please visit the OASD Tech Integration Portal page for more information at  

OASD K-12 Science Taskforce Update

Please find the OASD 3 Phase Plan for K-12 Science including the adoption and implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards at this LINK. The document is a brief overview of a much more detailed plan with 5 instructional goals and 3 operational goals that will get us to implementation of NGSS by the fall of 2017.

A task force of close to 40 educators met this summer for two full days and action teams at elementary, middle school and high school levels also met to continue planning. A BIG thank you to all who took time out of their busy summer schedules to help the OASD move forward with NGSS! Your professionalism, passion, and hard work is so appreciated!

RtI Update

Links for OASD Educators:

Elementary RtI Literacy Essentials and Interventions

Secondary RtI Literacy Essentials

Secondary RtI Classroom Based Strategies for Some Students

OASD Universal Behavior Expectations

OASD Continuum of Behavior Support

If your staff has not had an opportunity to discuss the behavior expectations yet, know that it will be discussed during an upcoming collaboration.

Human Resources Required Training and Quizzes

Below you will find the link to the power point relative to OASD work rules and the Board Policy Quiz. Please review the powerpoint and complete the quiz. When you select the correct answer, the system will forward to the next question. Should you select an incorrect answer, the system will provide the Board Policy for your review. When you are done with the quiz, click on submit and the system will record your name and date of completion. Please complete the quiz by Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

Another item that we must complete is the Bloodborne Pathogen Quiz. You can access the quiz on the District website under Human Resources. The Bloodborne Pathogen Quiz, when submitted, will automatically record that you completed this task . Please complete this by Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact HR.

Technology Services: Start of Year Tips and News

posted Aug 24, 2015, 6:50 PM by Aaron Vanden Heuvel

We are very excited to continue optimizing and advancing our technology tools to support our classrooms and our organization as a whole.

Below are a few announcements and support recommendations as you work to re-open your classrooms this week.

Beside the excitement of the 1:1 roll-out at our High Schools, our biggest announcement is advancement in our wireless network.
    • No more 'Captive Portal' login every day to access the internet
            • Once set-up, District owned devices  will automatically authenticate to network (OASD-DISTRICT), you will not need to use a Captive Portal.
            • BYOD devices, on the  segregated OASD-WIRELESS network, will receive an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) page that will need to be clicked through once every 14 days only.
To take advantage of the advanced internal network (OASD-DISTRICT), AND NO MORE CAPTIVE PORTAL, with a District owned device, you will need to walk through some steps to set up your device.  You need to complete these steps to receive this benefit.  Additional information will be posted for you soon and your instructional support teams will be updated on procedures as well.
  • For Chromebooks
  • For iPads
  • For Windows Laptops: They will need to be cabled into the network one time (usually through a docking station to log in and receive the settings, nothing else needs to be done after that).

Classroom Tech
Our Service Operations worked diligently this summer, with a cadre of interns, to hook-up, test, and check off every classroom in our District as functional.   As a reminder, if you have an issue, please use Footprints to submit a support request.  Here are the main items that are tech support focused:
  • Projector - Red lights on the projector indicate a problem
  • PC Issues - Won't boot up or login
  • Smartboard - No green light side of unit, or unable to orient
*As an important note, the team did not have access to many document cameras, so they could not be hooked up.  Please place a Footprints service ticket for hook-up if your document camera was stored away separately over the summer.

We have instituted a new methodology to manage iPads based on Apple enterprise support advancements.  The app update process has made more functional.  Additional information will be provided soon. 
  • We will soon be working with various professional support personnel to redeploy 1:1 and shared environment iPads

As well ....
Notes on items you'll be hearing about in a timely fashion:
  • Learning WIthout Limits (LwL): Upcoming 1:1 roll-outs at our High Schools
  • GoGuardian: Off-site Chromebook online protection and filtering for Students and Staff
  • Copier Replacement: Here is the guide to the new PaperCut system.  You will be hearing more about this system from the Business office.
  • Online Staff/Student password change:  Currently set-up for students to be able to change their passwords, and temporarily for staff to change student's passwords (staff will soon have the option to change their own passwords online).
  • Website Redevelopment:  Delayed from last year, being redeveloped in project planning
  • Infrastructure upgrades:
    • Potential upcoming internet speed advancements
    • Storage network upgrades
    • Continued wireless upgrades and additions
    • Network core functionality, speeds, and redundancy between buildings and data centers

Please remember your various instructional support personnel in your buildings. They will be continue to be heavily involved in helping you integrate technology into your classrooms and assist in your professional development growth.

End of Year Technology Update

posted Jun 2, 2015, 5:26 PM by Aaron Vanden Heuvel

OASD Team, 

Another year in the books, another year in our technology growth and maturity as an organization.  This year we truly felt how much other districts were looking at what is happening here in Oshkosh, not in the sense of the technology itself, but how it was being used throughout our organization and in our classroom.  I can't think of a higher compliment to the work that is being done throughout our District integrating technology for our organization, students, and community.

Summer Projects and Improvements Summary
  • Learning without Limits - We will be in the final stages this summer of realizing 1:1 at our High Schools. A vision of many hard working individuals, from our Administration to our District Technology Team to our respective High School staffs, and many others throughout.  We will have roughly 3,000 incoming Chromebooks that will be in the hands of every High School Student this fall.
  • Wireless Access Improvements - I'll spare you the acronyms and tech talk but more simply, for all District owned devices, you will not need to sign in via Captive Portal to get onto the internet, starting this fall.  We are leveraging the technology back-end that we've been building over the years and are implementing tools that manage our District owned devices in an exciting (at least for me) new way.
  • Wireless Upgrades for our Middle Schools - Last year we advanced our wireless access points at our High Schools to move from a coverage layout to a capacity layout, in preparation for all the new devices to be flooding the classrooms in 2015-2016.  This year our focus shifts ahead of 2016-2017 when our Middle Schools will go 1:1.
  • iPad Process Redesign - As Apple continues to work towards becoming more enterprise-friendly, we need to do some major, major overalls of our device management process.  We will be working towards making the iPads a much more sustainable and functional device for you and your students.
  •  Capability Maturity - A myriad of tweaks and adjustments to our technology related resources, tools, and processes. They will go mostly unnoticed, and that's a good thing.

Protecting your data during summer computer re-imaging
  • During the summer, we undergo re-imaging computers.  This consists of wiping hard drives and reloading updated software and services to ensure they working for you in the fall.
  • The re-image process deletes all information previously stored on the computer.  Please backup any files that you have stored locally on your computer that you will need.  Click here to view a document that has suggestions of common files that may be stored local.  Click here to learn how to login to Google Chrome to sync and backup your Chrome settings, bookmarks, and other data for use on any computer.
Archiving or taking Google Data with you
  • Google has a solution called "Google Takeout" to archive your Google Data and take it with you if you are leaving the district or wish to secure certain files elsewhere as a backup.
  • Click here to view a short video on how to use Google Takeout.
If you are leaving our District
  • Please return the technology, especially your staff assigned Chromebooks, you may have in your possession back to us at Central Office, along with any other of your transitioning needs.  These can be left with Lori Mortensen.
  • Please transfer ownership of shared Google files to a colleague.  Once your account is set to inactive or removed, all of the shared files are no longer accessible.  Click here for a document on how to Transfer Ownership.
Remaining Technology Equipment
  • Please power off your classroom technology (computers, projectors, etc.) but do not unplug any cables or connections; this will help ensure proper connections for the start of next school year.
  • Leave plugged in, however, all of these devices (computers, printers, projectors), as we still need them connected to the network and plugged in for service and support projects.
  • Leave powered on: Printers

If you have questions, remember you have a number of resources to reach out to:
  • Technology Integration Coaches
  • ITIS Staff
  • Technology Services team members

Aaron Vanden Heuvel
Technology Infrastructure and Services Manager
Oshkosh Area School District

Posting Grades from Elementary Grade Book (Report Card) June 2015

posted May 29, 2015, 11:07 AM by Julie Mosher

Here are action steps you need to take to make posting grades (generating your end of the year report cards) as smooth and stress free as possible:

  • Get all scores and assignments entered and updated into your IC Gradebook.  By having everything entered and up to date, you can use your time to focus on the posting process.

  • Yes, you can override grades/scores in IC!  Please keep in mind that we made some “under the lid” grade calc adjustments which should lessen your need to override.

  • The grading window opens on Tuesday, June 2 and closes on Thursday, June 11 at 11:00 am.  You can only post grades and enter comments during that 10 day window.  

  • DO NOT wait until the last minute to post!  The window cannot be extended beyond 11:00 am on June 11 due to printing transcripts for grade 5 to go to the middle school and sending out report cards via IC Messenger.  School secretaries are done for the summer at the end of the day on June 11.  

  • If you are ready, you can get a jump start on comments by putting them in a google doc.  You will then be able to cut and paste the comments into IC.  Comments will be entered by content area.  

  • The report card will be sent to families via the IC parent portal.  Families that have requested a hard copy will be mailed a report card. See below for how the report card is set up in IC.

    • Sample Elementary Report Card by Grade Level  Click here to access the folder.  The T2 column and the T4 column will be filled.  Remember that next year we will on have S1 and S2 for semester 1 and 2.

  • Support for you--your IST and Tech Coach has been trained in posting for the elementary report card.  

    • Click on this LINK for step by step directions for posting.  

    • Click on this LINK for the podcast from semester 1 if you need a refresher.

Here are things educators will NOT have to do at the end of this school year:

  • You do NOT have to print or put report cards into cum files.  The elementary scores and report card comments are archived in IC under the “transcript” tab for students.

  • You do NOT have to record attendance.  It is auto generated on report card and on “transcripts”.

  • You do NOT have to put DRA cards or other assessment data into cum folders.  All have been recorded in Infinite Campus.  

High School Directions for Posting Senior Interim Grades 5.27.15

posted May 27, 2015, 7:26 PM by Julie Mosher

Posting Senior Interim Grades--Click on the link below for step by step instructions and screenshots for posting senior interim grades. The grading window is open from Monday, June 1 at 8:00 AM to midnight on Tuesday, June 2.  Both North and West have sent out reminders and other important end of the year date documents.  Please follow!  

Parent and Student Portal is open/active and grades will be live in IC once posted and as you make updates.  Calculations for graduation honors will take place starting the morning of Wednesday, June 3.  The Infinite Campus SANDBOX will house the temporary class rank and cumulative GPA for determining graduation honors.  Final grades and semester GPA will be posted to the portal on June 12.  Unofficial transcripts, class rank and cumulative GPA will be posted to the portal the week of June 15.

Click on this LINK to access directions for posting senior interim grades for HS.

  • Go to pages 4-5 in this document for directions on posting semester grades for credit recovery, advanced/independent study and other special course set up.  

  • Exam grades will not be posted at this time unless needed.  Leaving the Exam grade “blank” will make it a no count.  The semester grade for senior interim grading will be 100% of the standards overall grade.  

You will go through the posting process again for final semester 2 grades.  When you post, it will override the posted senior interim grades.  

Secondary Posting Directions for 15 Week Progress Report--Semester 2

posted May 1, 2015, 9:31 AM by Julie Mosher   [ updated May 1, 2015, 9:40 AM ]

Please click on this LINK for the Secondary Posting Directions for 15 Week Progress Report.  Middle School will be posting Academic grades only and will post Effort Scores at the end of the semester.  

The grading window will open on Wednesday, May 6 and will close on Tuesday, May 12 at midnight.  Email notification will be sent to parents on Wednesday, May 13 that the progress report is available in the IC Portal.  This is the final progress report of the year.  High School teachers should be following additional directions from the high school admin team on senior interim grading.  

Please know that we are continuing to work with Infinite Campus on feature improvements to the IC grade book for the 2015-2016 school year.  This includes an improved parent/student portal view as well as features that will make assignment entry more efficient for the teacher. Once we have firm dates and news, I will share out the information.  

Secondary Posting Directions for 10 Week Progress Report--Semester 2

posted Mar 20, 2015, 1:02 PM by Julie Mosher


Please click on this LINK for the Secondary Posting Directions for the 10 Week Progress Report.  Middle School will be posting academic AND effort grades for this progress report.  Please click on this LINK for the directions to post effort grades.  

The grading window will open on Wednesday, March 25 and will close on Tuesday, March 31 at midnight.  Email notification will be sent to parents on Wednesday, April 1 that the progress report is available in the IC Portal.  

Secondary Posting Directions for Five Week Progress Report--Semester 2

posted Feb 20, 2015, 2:43 PM by Julie Mosher

Please click on this LINK for the Secondary Posting Directions for Five Week Progress Report.  Middle School will be posting Academic grades only and will post Effort Scores at the Ten Week Progress Report.  

The grading window will open on Wednesday, February 25 and will close on Tuesday, March 3 at midnight.  Email notification will be sent to parents on Wednesday, March 4 that the progress report is available in the IC Portal.  

Elementary Grading, Reporting and Assessment Update 2.20.15

posted Feb 20, 2015, 11:18 AM by Julie Mosher

  Based on your feedback, the following adjustments/changes to quarter 3 and quarter 4 grading and reporting are listed below as well as an update on the Badger Exam for grades 3-5.  

  • Many educators reported that they were doing A LOT of overriding for the quarter 2 report card because the cumulative score for a standard or strand was not reflecting the most common score or “trend”.  For example, a student had 8 scores in the grade book for a standard.  The student scored three 2’s and five 3’s, but Infinite Campus was calculating that to be a 2 for the standard.  We have made adjustments to the Scoring Group and Scales at the district level in Infinite Campus for elementary to correct this issue.  This has already been applied to your grade book.  This should result in more accurate reporting and less overriding by the teacher.  

  • For the 2015-2016 school year, K-12 will be posting 2 report cards each year at the semester.  We will be working with Infinite Campus on an elementary progress report format to use for next school year.  We are looking for a good communication format while making sure it is efficient for teachers. Stay tuned for more information!  

  • Elementary will NOT be posting a quarter 3 report card.  The next full report card posting for elementary will be quarter 4 or at the end of the school year.  So how will we be communicating with families?

    • An email will be sent out to families via IC messenger on April 2nd that elementary grades are up to date. Families will go to the grades tab in the IC Portal for the latest progress for students.  Information will start to go into newsletters and we encourage you as teachers to start referring families to the IC Portal for updates on progress.

    • What if a family does not have internet access? Communicate in the family’s preferred method.  Send home a paper copy of the student summary.  Send home a note with newsletters or other communications.

    • What do I need to do as a teacher?  Have ALL scores and assignments up to date in the grade book by midnight on April 1st.  April 1 collaboration has been switched to Professional Discretion to give you some time for updates before the email goes out to families.  

    • How do I know if parents viewed the report card or went into the portal? Elementary educators have indicated that posting report cards and keeping IC updated is time consuming and we want to make sure families are using the resource.  Principals have access to the portal usage report in IC and were trained on how to run the report.  The report shows the logins by grade/classroom.  It is a quick check to show that families are accessing IC. The majority of schools are between 80 and 99% login rates. Please contact your principal if you would like to know portal access numbers by grade level.

  • Badger Exam (formerly known as Smarter Balanced) Update

    • The Statewide window for the Badger Exam is March 30-May 22.  Principals are currently working with school staff to schedule dates and computer labs for administering the Badger Exam at your school.  

    • March 4 Collaboration--Badger Exam Overview via podcast. Principal will share dates and logistics with you specific to your building.

    • March 25 Collaboration--Badger Exam Proctor Training

    • April 1 Collaboration--Professional Discretion--All grade books updated by midnight in preparation for IC Messenger Email.

    • March 5 through testing window--ITIS will work with staff on getting students ready using the Student Tutorial and Badger Exam Practice Tests.

    • Accessibility (accommodations) spreadsheet  for Badger Exam to be completed no later than March 10.  Spreadsheet for students with IEPs, 504 or ELLs. Accessibility features will be turned on for students in TOMS--Test Management System for the Badger Exam.  

    • As always, the best test prep for students is for our staff to teach!  The OASD curriculum is aligned to the Badger Exam and our students will perform well.  We will update you with further information as we know more.  Changes and updates continue to come in from DPI daily.

IC Tip:  How do I print or generate a summary report for myself or a family?

  • Go into your grade book.  Go to the Reports Tab.  Select the subject.  Select Student Summary.  Select the settings that meet your needs in the report.  See the screenshot below.  

Badger Exam Grades 3-8 Update 2.6.2015

posted Feb 5, 2015, 7:26 PM by Julie Mosher   [ updated Feb 5, 2015, 7:27 PM ]

Many staff are asking about preparing for the Badger Exam Grades 3-8,  formerly known as the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Here is the latest information:

  • Information and training materials have been SLOWLY released by DPI.  The platform for the Badger Exam, formerly known as Smarter Balanced, has changed.  The tutorials and training for students was just released a week ago and we are working with your ITIS on rolling out the information in March.

  • We are already implementing the behind the scenes IT set up. The OASD is well situated to host the Badger Exam.

  • The alternative assessment is called DLM (Dynamic Learning Maps).  Special Ed teachers who will be administering DLM have completed training and the students and proctors are uploaded to the system.  

  • Access to the Test Management System (TOMS) for the Badger Exam was just recently granted.  Your principals (School Assessment Coordinators) and your students are already uploaded.  Proctors will be coming next.

  • Accessibility (accommodations) spreadsheet was sent out to Program Support Teachers and Principals this week.

  • Proctor training will not be released by the DPI until Feb. 27th.  As soon as we have access to the training, we will work on customizing for the OASD.  

  • Dates for elementary testing are being set.  Middle School has set their dates--April 20 through May 8.  The state-wide window is March 30-May 22.

  • We are planning to have a Badger Exam overview podcast for OASD ready for March 4 collaboration and Proctor Training for March 25 collaboration.

  • As always, the best test prep for students is for our staff to teach!  The OASD curriculum is aligned to the Badger Exam and our students will perform well.  We will update you with further information as we know more.  Changes and updates are coming in from DPI daily.

So.... we are on this as a district and I encourage all of our staff to focus on teaching and learning.  That is the reason we went into this profession.  The test will take care of itself.  Let me know if you have any other questions.  :-)  

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