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The utmost care should be taken at all times with these uniforms and any damage caused to the uniform will be the student’s responsibility. There is an annual $20 uniform fee that will be charged to each band student. This money will go towards the cleaning and maintenance of the uniforms. 

Marching Performances 
  • West Band Marching Band Uniform (Provided) 
  • Band Hat w/Plume (Provided) 
  • Black Gloves (Provided) 
  • Black Shoes (Must Be All Black.  Absolutely no heels or open-toed shoes allowed) 
  • Black Socks (Long Black Socks)
  • Warm items to wear under uniform during Holiday Parades.  Warm items must not be visible outside of the uniform. Long underwear and under-armor work well.  No Headbands, No Earmuffs, No Winter Hats, No Scarfs.
Concert Performances *Concerts are a formal event and must be treated as such.
Students not dressed according to the below dress code for concerts will not receive full credit for the concert and/or will not be allowed to perform resulting in no credit for the concert. 
  • Black Tuxedo w/Accessories (Provided) 
  • Clean Button-Down Collared White Dress Shirt 
  • Black Dress Shoes 
  • Black Socks (Long Black Socks)
  • ALL-Black Formal Dress or 
  • Black Dress Pants or Long Skirt w/Nice Black Top 
  • Black Dress Shoes (Absolutely no flip-flops allowed) 
  • Black Socks and/or Black Tights/Nylons 
  • A Tuxedo will be provided upon request 
All marching uniforms and tuxedos will be issued at the start of each school year. The marching uniforms will be housed at Oshkosh West and handed out prior to each performance. Following these performances, all marching uniforms MUST be returned to West High School. When wearing a uniform, you must wear the entire outfit. The uniform is either worn in entirety or hung on a hanger. 

Concert tuxedos will be issued at the start of the school year and can be stored at home. The utmost care should be taken when storing these uniforms. Always properly hang the tux on the provided hanger and keep in the provided garment bag and be careful not to misplace the bow-tie, cummerbund, and hanger. Under no circumstances should any part of either uniform be cleaned unless done by a professional dry-cleaner. 

Any damage caused to the uniforms will be the students’ responsibility. Fines for lost/damaged items are as follows: hanger-$5, garment bag-$5, bow-tie-$5, cummerbund-$10.