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Required Band Supplies

All students are required to have a name-tag on their instrument case (the band provides free name-tags) and to have a pencil, band folder, and the following materials in class each day: 

All Woodwind and Brass Students
*Korg TM-50 Tuner or similar
*Korg CM-200 Contact Microphone or similar
  • **Please do not purchase the single unit Snark tuners.  
  • They do not have the necessary functionality.

Cleaning rod and handkerchief swab 

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
At least 4 good reeds, lyre, cork grease, and swab 

At least 4 good reeds, silk swab, and cork grease 

At least 4 good reeds, neck strap, lyre, swab, and cork grease 

Tuning slide grease, valve oil, lyre, and straight mute. 
*Wind Ensemble trumpet players will also need a "Harmon" mute and a cup mute 

French Horn
Rotor valve oil and tuning slide grease 
*Wind Ensemble horn players will also need a straight mute 

Valve oil and tuning slide grease 

Hand slide lubrication and tuning slide grease 
*Wind Ensemble trombone players will also need a straight mute 

Valve oil (piston valve instruments), Rotor oil (for rotary 4-valve instruments), and tuning slide grease. 

Percussion/Drum Line
Stick bag, concert snare drum sticks (VF SD1 or IP CL1), hard bell mallets (IP 904), Hardimon marching sticks (VF SRH), general timpani mallets (VF T1), medium yarn mallets (IP 240), small (at least 6-inch) snare drum practice pad, and timpani pitch pipe (Kraft Master Key Pitch Pipe is recommended).
*Wind Ensemble Percussionists will also need vibraphone mallets (IP 3006).

Additional, but not required, equipment (in a general order of importance):
  • medium vibraphone mallets (IP 3006) 
  • soft yarn mallets (IP 100) 
  • soft timpani mallets (VF T6) 
  • hard yarn mallets (IP 400) 
  • hard timpani mallets (VF T4) 
  • hard rubber mallets for bells and xylophone (VF M5) 
  • triangle beaters (Grover TBS)
  • soft vibraphone mallets (IP 3005)
  • hard vibraphone mallets (IP 3007)