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Extra Help & Private Lessons

Extra Help 
If at any time students would like extra help, they should not hesitate to ask. Your teachers are always willing to help, especially when asked. The best time to receive additional help is before school, during lunch, or immediately after school. Asking for assistance shows good character and will further advance students in the program.
Private Lessons 
Private lessons are not a part of our school curriculum, but we highly encourage all students to consider taking lessons in the community. The Oshkosh area has a number of outstanding private teachers on all instruments. Please see the band directors for private teacher contact information. 

By taking private lessons, students can challenge and push themselves to a higher level. Any extra instruction will be a benefit to students’ musical understanding and is especially helpful when working on solo and small ensemble literature. 

The OWHS Band Parent Organization has scholarships available for students who wish to take lessons and have a financial need for assistance paying for those lessons.  Please contact the band directors for the application form.