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Instrument Care and Maintenance

Instrument Safety
It is very important that if you own your student's instrument that you have a record of the make, model, and serial number. Instruments are sometimes a target of theft; luckily this is very rare at OWHS. If your instrument does go missing (or stolen) it is important to have information about the instrument so that a police report can be filed and local music stores and pawn shops can be on the lookout for criminals attempting to sell or trade in stolen instruments.

Instrument Care & Maintenance
Please occasionally inspect your child's instrument for dents, damage, and normal wear & tear. No instrument will last forever, like a car they will occasionally need cleaning, maintenance, and repair. An instrument that is not in good working condition will not allow a student to be successful. Music stores with repair shops give free estimates for work that needs to be done.


Summer Instrument Repair and Maintenance 

Summer is a great time to get your instrument in to the repair shop for routine repair and maintenance.  Like your car, a musical instrument needs to be maintained to ensure it continues to work properly.  Instrument repair shops give free estimates before any work is done, just ask them when you drop off the instrument.