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Oshkosh High School History

A brief history of Oshkosh High School and the High School buildings in Oshkosh, Wisconsin:
  • The first officially recorded action for establishing a public school in the Village of Oshkosh occurred on September 27, 1847
  • Two acres of land were purchased in 1855 on Algoma Street for a high school building
  • The first Oshkosh Board of Education meeting was held in April of 1856
  • A partial organization of high school education was in operation as early as 1856
  • Oshkosh held high school classes in the "Old Congregational Church" on Main Street near Church Street from 1860-1867 
  • Classes met in a building that now houses Satori Imports at 411 N. Main Street from 1867-1869
  • The first High School building was completed and occupied in 1869 designed with a capacity of 450 students
  • Music was first introduced in the Oshkosh schools in 1889
  • The first Oshkosh High School building was destroyed by fire on Thursday, May 2, 1901
  • City Hall served as a temporary school quarters while the new school building was being built
  • The second Oshkosh High School building was formally opened on January 21, 1903 and was referred to as the "Red Brick School" with a capacity of 550-700 students
  • The third Oshkosh High School building, also known as the Algoma Street addition, was built in 1914-15 or 1915-16 in front of the "Red Brick School" to expand the High School to accommodate 1200 students
  • The fourth Oshkosh High School building was dedicated in December of 1961 on Eagle Street and Southland Avenue with a capacity of 2500 students and was near the geographical center of the Oshkosh Area School District
  • The new Civic Auditorium attached to OHS was completed and opened in 1963
  • In 1972, another public high school opened and was named Oshkosh North High School, OHS was re-named Oshkosh West High School