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Band Awards

National Band Association Outstanding Musician Award 
Presented to a band member who displays outstanding musicianship, citizenship, and leadership. Given in conjunction with the National Band Association.

USMC Semper Fidelis Band Award
Each year the West Bands, along with the United States Marine Corps, give out the Semper Fidelis Band Award.  This award is given to an outstanding senior band member who shares the characteristics and qualities of the United States Military and our country.  This award goes to an outstanding soloist who has given countless hours to the band program at West High School and is presented at the Spring Concert.

Outstanding Senior Musician Award
This award is given to a senior band member who demonstrates outstanding musical ability.  This award represents a high level of achievement on a wind or percussion instrument and the use of this ability to increase the quality of the Oshkosh West High School Band Program.  The recipient of this award is someone who has participated in various OWHS Band activities and performances, and has also shown a genuine commitment to the OWHS Bands.

John Philip Sousa Award
This national award to honors the top student in the high school band, the John Philip Sousa Band Award recognizes superior musicianship and outstanding dedication. It was created with the approval of Helen Sousa Albert and Priscilla Sousa, daughters of the famous composer and bandmaster.

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
This award is given to a senior band member who devotes large amounts of time to the OWHS Jazz Ensemble, who maintains a positive attitude, who has participated in most if not all OWHS Jazz Ensemble events, and who has demonstrated a vast knowledge and understanding of jazz music.

James Croft Band Award
This award honors those in the community who have gone great strides to support the OWHS Band Program.  This award is not given out annually, but instead only when the OWHS Band Department sees an acceptable recipient.  This award will be given to a person who has devoted large amounts of time to the OWHS Bands, who has shown a true commitment to the bands, who has spread the importance of music education to our students and community, and who continues to support the band program at Oshkosh West High School.

West HS Outstanding Senior Musician
2003    Jilliana Bartos
2004    Kayla Berndt
2005    Corey Boyte
2006    Amanda Martin
2007    Steven Oesterreich
2008    Emily Boegel
2009    Natalie Kubicek
2010    Dylan Wesenberg
2011    Parker Tenpas
2012    Lucas Gutiérrez
2013    Kasey Brylski
2013    Simon Knudtson
2014    Katelyn Stein
2015    Bentley Epple
2015    Ben Fojtik
2016    Mitchell Wisnefske
2017    Emily Koerner
2018    Spencer Hadel
2018    Mitchell Meyer
2018    Ashley Sienkiewicz

NBA Outstanding Musician Award
2010    Erika Olsen
2011    Ben Stein
2011    Steven Cramer
2011    Zach Stenerson
2011    Shannon Fehrenbach
2012    Deanna Engelmeyer
2013    John Goheen
2013    Alicia Craig
2013    Justin Voss
2013    Austin Gafner
2014    Nicole LeClaire
2015    Jessica Hanson
2015    Taylor Ferrere
2016    Bailey Jischke
2016    Molly Grasley
2017    Haley Parker
2018    Jack Buechel
2018    Anthony Messina
2018    Josh Porior
2018    Jenna Hanson
John Philip Sousa Award for Band
2012    Alex Rabe
2013    David Schreiber
2014    Zach Porior
2015    Lexi Shew
2016    Logan Fisher
2017    Rachel Navis
2018    Samuel Mehn

USMC Semper Fidelis Band Award
2007    Steven Oesterreich
2008    Marie Rostow
2009    Matt Key
2010    Gabby O'Connor
2011    Mara Bedroske
2012    Benjamin Binner
2013    Sara Hagen
2014    Monica Begley
2015    Robert Kerkhof
2016    Willem Bosma
2017    Jessica Engedal
2018    Shaylee Jerabek

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
2003    Brooks Collins
2004    Kayla Berndt
2005    Peter Reschenberg
2006    Melissa Bennett
2006    Matthew Weinkes
2008    Peter Truell
2009    Mike Malone
2010    Ashley Thompson
2011    Parker Tenpas
2012    Will Poppen
2018    Kayla Chervenka