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Classroom Expectations

In place of an endless list of rules for students to follow, there is one general rule for the band room and only a few other specifics. The main rule that governs the band room is RESPECT. If everyone in the classroom respects each other, much more learning and music making will occur. If at any point someone is being disrespectful, the band director will deal with him or her accordingly. 

The following rules apply:
  1. Do not chew gum, eat food, or drink beverages (only water is allowed) during class.  The band room is open during the lunch hours for students to eat lunch.
  2. Do not talk while the director is on the podium. 
  3. Every member must have music, pencils, and instruments at all rehearsals.. 
  4. Always cooperate with band staff including directors, section leaders, volunteers and guests. 
  5. Never assume ANYTHING. Check the band website for all information. 
  6. Be on time for all rehearsals and performances. “To be early is to be on time.” 
  7. Every member is financially responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen school property including uniforms, music, and instruments. 
  8. Only members of the OWHS Band will sit in the “Band Area” during pep band performances.
  9. All members are asked to keep all rehearsal and performance areas clean. 
  10. Be proud of what you are a part of...a GREAT band. 
  11. RESPECT.