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Solo and Ensemble


All students will prepare either a solo or an ensemble. Extra credit and band letter points will be provided for those students who prepare multiple events.


Students will have the opportunity to choose their performance location from the following options:

- Solo and Ensemble Festival (March 3, 2018)

    - Students who choose this option will perform at Neenah School during the festival for a judge. Students who choose this option will receive a completion grade. Band letter points will be awarded.

- In Class (First Week of March)

    - Students who choose this option will perform for the directors and/or a clinician in class. Students who choose this option will be graded on the performance rubric.

Important Dates

- November 22, 2017: Last day for complete registration form(s) below

- January 12, 2018: Last day to request special-permission music (select instruments/ensembles only)

- January 26, 2018: Last day to request/change music - March 3, 2018: District Solo and Ensemble Contest (at Neenah High School)

- April 28, 2018: State Solo and Ensemble Contest (at UW-Oshkosh) (Available for students who receive a 1* at the District Festival)

Choosing a Piece to Perform

Take a look at our digital library. As you work on selecting a piece to perform, take the following considerations:

- Difficulty

    - Look for a piece that will stretch your abilities, but keep in mind the time you will have to work on it. Your ideal  piece should be just past what you are able to do currently.

- Style

    - Look for a piece that you will enjoy preparing. Does the style and/or time period sound like something you will enjoy working on?


- Digital Archive of our Library (Available to West Students only. Login to your school email to access.)


- How to Practice - Winds

- How to Practice - Percussion


For District Solo and Ensemble Participation only. This does not apply to performances done in class.

- Class A Solo: $11.00

- Class B or C Solo: $9.00

- Ensemble: $15.00 (total)

If you need help choosing music, please ask!

Solo Interest Form

Fill out the form below to register for a SOLO.

Ensemble Interest Form

Fill out the form below to register for an ENSEMBLE.