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At West, we strive to educate percussionists in all areas of percussion.  A major component of percussion performance is the drumline, especially at the high school and college levels. 

We believe that all percussionists need to have a strong foundation in this area.  From there, students can transfer skills to other areas and become better musicians.

In order to make efficient use of time, we hold drumline rehearsals after school in the evenings.  We have an excellent drumline instructor, J Edgerton, work with our students.  J does extraordinary work and has made our drumline one of the best in the Fox Valley.


Percussion students enrolled in Wildcat Band or Concert Band will have required drumline rehearsals this year.  There will be two sessions each semester and students will need to pick one session per semester.  Each session will run for four weeks and each week will have at least two opportunities (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays).  Students are expected to attend at least one rehearsal per week for their chosen session.  Extra credit will be given for attending extra rehearsals within the selected session.

After the initial four weeks of rehearsals, spots will be chosen based on performance.  Once the line is set, there will be an additional two to three weeks of rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays in order to prepare for the performance(s).

Missed Rehearsal

The are two rehearsal opportunities per week and students are expected to attend at least one rehearsal per week for their chosen session.  If a student misses both rehearsals within one week, he/she must attend an extra rehearsal within the next two weeks to receive credit.


Session 3
  • DATES: Tuesdays and Thursday from January 29-March 9 from 6-8pm
  • SPOTS CHOSEN/SET: March 12-14
  • PERFORMANCE: New London St. Patrick's Day Parade, March 23 AND Disney Performance, March 26
Session 4
  • DATES: Tuesdays and Thursday from April 8-May 16 from 6-8pm
  • SPOTS CHOSEN/SET: May 21-23
  • PERFORMANCE: Oshkosh Memorial Day Procession

Led by Mr. J. Edgerton, the OWHS Drumline participates in pep band for basketball and football games, three parades, and other special performances. The drumline meets after school two days per week and occasionally during band classes.  The drumline consists of all grades of percussionists.

OWHS Drumline - Packer Tailgate Tour 2013