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Chamber Ensembles

Chamber ensembles will exist throughout the year and will include both audition based and non-audition based groups. These ensembles will focus on smaller ensemble music and will develop aspects of the student's musicianship that cannot be addressed in the large concert ensembles.  
Chamber ensembles will meet outside of regular class time and will have several performance opportunities throughout the year. Students can participate in any or all of the 4 chamber ensemble "cycles" throughout the school year. These ensembles will perform at band concerts and other occasions, including the annual Solo & Ensemble festival.
Chamber Ensembles are small groups that are open to all students.
    • Flute Choir 
    • Clarinet Choir  
    • Saxophone Choir  
    • Brass Ensemble  
    • Brass Quintet
    • Percussion Ensemble  
    • Jazz Combo
    • others...