Welcome to Sophomore English! 
This year, students will have opportunities to work with a wide variety of literature and nonfiction selections, and will have choices about their reading whenever possible. I will be providing many different reading, writing, speaking and listening assignments to help students develop their literacy and communication skills. Sometimes, of course, students will be working individually or following my directions. However, a great deal of time will also be spent working in small groups or collaborating as a whole class to exchange ideas, develop insight, create evidence of learning, and present their accomplishments to the class.

In order to support success, I strongly urge students to be mindful of three fundamental priorities:
Cultivate Success: Come to class prepared to learn, keep a written record of assignments, 
communicate questions or misunderstandings, and recover from absences as quickly as possible.
Follow Class Norms: Focus on the task at hand, respect the ideas and work of others, support a constructive learning environment, and respect your own need to make progress as a student.
Use Your Time Well: Show up on time, avoid social and technological distractions, engage actively in discussions, finish assignments in class when possible, and evaluate your own progress as you go.

Meet Mr. Street:

I grew up in Ellensburg, went to college at WSU, and have been teaching high school social studies and English for

the last twenty years.  I am excited about coming to CHS, collaborating with a fantastic English department, and learning the strengths and interests of the big, energetic, engaged CHS student body.

My two sons are students here at CHS, and my daughter graduated from our school in 2012. When we have a spare moment in class, I may tell the occasional story about my evil cat, Max, my goofy cat, Sam or my somewhat derpy dog, Luna Lovegood.

Class Resources:

I share information about the class using the following sources:

Skyward: student access to assignments, grades, and occasional class messages

Google Classroom: assignment for students to complete online. 

Turnitin.com: students submit assignments to this tool so I can check for plagiarism, provide feedback about skill development, and grade work using a variety of scoring rubrics

Email: If you have specific questions about an assignment that aren't addressed by any of these tools, please feel free to write me an email at: astreet@osd.wednet.edur.