Mr. Corrick's Fifth-Grade Class



Parents and Guardians,


My intent is to use this website to periodically provide you with news about upcoming events and subjects we are studying in class.  At the same time, I want your 5th-grader to take responsibility for recording their daily assignments and reminders in their planner.  Having your child develop good organization skills will help prepare them for middle school next year. 


Homework Schedule

In general, your child has homework as follows: Tuesday through Thursday we have spelling, language arts, and math homework.  Reading homework is 30 minutes minimum each weeknight and one hour Saturday and Sunday. At times we will alter our schedule to accommodate additional studies, curriculum pacing and/or student needs. Our daily homework is projected on the board each day and your child should be writing this in their planner. Ask to see their planner nightly. 


Other News

Please send your student with a note in the morning if they are to be picked up early for an appointment.  Our daily schedule is packed and I need advance notice to make sure your student has their homework and is ready to go. If your child will be absent for a trip or vacation lasting more than one school day, you must complete a Planned Absence Form.  You can get these from the office.   

Your kids are awesome.  Sincerely,


Mr. Corrick

Centennial Elementary School

2637 45th Ave. SE

Olympia, WA 98501

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