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November 11, 2015

We've had a brisk 2 days of learning!  I hope your child has discussed our science labs with you.  We have been testing the amount of sugar in various cereals.  The kids always love the labs.  Today we looked closely at a Cheeto and with this will begin our study of fats in foods.  Are they good or bad fats?

There may seem like a lot of homework this week, but my goal is to get the kids to learn to pace themselves.  We talked about doing a little each night or a lot on one night and not so much the next few nights.  Maybe the weekend can be a no homework time.
I've changed the requirement for typing club, for right now.  I will look to see that each student is practicing for 20 minutes total each week.  I'll put this from Tuesday - Tuesday.  I won't accept any less than 5 minute increments of practice.

We have been reading and writing about a lot of non-fiction.  I hope your children are talking with you about food waste throughout the nation. The students had to form an opinion based on whether they think throwing out certain food is a good thing or a bad thing.  Is it food waste if you throw food out?

Have a great Veteran's Day and thank you to all who are veterans for your service to all of us in this country.  You are so appreciated!

Your teacher,  Karen Miller

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