Citizen Science Institute: Marshall

CSI Parents:
Our next CSI Mandatory Parents' Meeting is this Thursday, April 13, 2017, at 6:00 pm, in the CSI classroom. 

Next Field Investigation
Fri. Apr. 14.  Washington History Museum.  Full Day.  Please bring a sack lunch and bottle of water.

Upcoming Other Events
Thrs. Apr. 20 & Fri. Apr. 21 will be Earth Day projects around our school yard habitats and we would greatly appreciate some parents to help supervise that don’t mind getting down and dirty!

Sun. Apr. 23 If you missed the screening of the Screenagers documentary at Marshall M.S., then you can still catch it at the Olympia Film Society's Capitol Theater, downtown Olympia.  Doors open 2 pm, film 2:30, with Q&A afterwards.  FREE.

Fri. Apr. 28 will be our final parent-driven explorations class. If you have a class you would like to teach, please contact Frank,

Apr-May  State testing (SBAC, MAP, MSP) begins in April, so make sure your kids are spending time each night solidifying their learning and getting enough sleep

Seattle Field School Trip
Tues. May 30 - Thrs. June 1.

More Field Investigations
Fri. April 21.  Woodard Bay Earth Day Restoration
Fri. May 5.  Nisqually Spring Bird Count
Fri. May 19.  Mima Mounds Geology
Fri. June 9.  Fort Nisqually.  Full Day

CSI Fundraiser:
Our Film Screening of The Princess Bride on March 26 was a huge success!  We surpassed our original goal of $5K, and raised $7,500 with a sold-out house.  Fantastic!  Now our Field School experience in Seattle in June is funded.  Thanks to Sandy and Chris McGough for taking the lead organizing, to Jay Burney for also organizing, and for all the parents & students who helped with ticket sales and publicity.  Thanks also to everyone who bought a ticket and came out for the film!

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