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2nd year

The Carpentry trade offers numerous career opportunities, from constructing concrete forms to creating fine cabinetry. Carpenters build beautiful structures that can last for centuries and have one of the highest job satisfaction rates of any career in the construction industry. They have opportunities to work in residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Carpenters are required to work safely to ensure their own person safety and the safety of others on the job site. 
The second-year students will focus on construction fundamentals including commercial and residential construction, reading and drawing blueprints, finish carpentry, rough carpentry, framing features and engineering. Students will building small projects to support the program.

Carpentry courses provide information related to the building of wooden structures, enabling students to gain an understanding of wood grades and construction methods and to learn skills such as laying sills and joists; erecting sills and rafters; applying sheathing, siding, and shingles; setting door jambs; and hanging doors. Carpentry courses may teach skills for rough construction, finish work, or both. Students learn to read blueprints, draft, use tools and machines properly and safely, erect buildings from construction lumber, perform finish work inside of buildings, and do limited cabinet work. Carpentry courses may also include career exploration, good work habits, and employability skills. Prerequisite: C (75%) or above in Construction Careers Exploration.