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1st year

The program modules include occupation opportunities in the industry, safety, communication, mathematics and general industry knowledge. In this course, and other courses in the CTA, instruction delivery is through hands-on activities, writing, reading and mathematics.

Construction Careers Exploration course expose students to the opportunities available in construction-related trades, such as carpentry, masonry, air conditioning/refrigeration, plumbing, and so on. Students learn about the processes involved in construction projects and may engage in a variety of small projects. These courses emphasize responsibilities, qualifications, work environment, rewards, and career paths within construction-related fields.

Examples of classwork by students:

Jackson Shop is in need of an updated evacuation plan in case of an emergency. The first
task for students is to learn the basic fundamental of architectural drawing. Students use the 4x4 square graph paper to scale the whole shop floor plan and develop an evacuation exit routes, marked in red.

The task seems simple however students quickly learn that without the architectural scale, mathematics is rigorous and not friendly. A student's mathematics work inset on right. Students work on mathematics and equivalents on the back of the evacuation plan without aid from the architectural scale ruler and manage to scale the shop floor plan.

Students appreciate the architectural scale and
developing four project plans using the
scale of a half equal one feet (Scale 1/2:1-0"). The first three project are add shelves for tools storage in the shop, very simple clamp racks and replace workstations base with cabinets of four drawers and cupboards. The last project is a plan of each student's individual project and a project for one class. This class will build chicken coop with eight feet runner. We learn how to develop a plan using the architectural scale the professional way, develop material list to order.

Our first project is to learn the characteristics of lumber and how to work with them. To begin with basics, we removed stubborn bark, sap and removing some undesired spurs down to form knots and prepared the Lodge-pole Pine logs for sanding. After the first phase of sanding, we used the 100 grit sand papers for the second phrase of sanding. We are sanding our life away literally to create a queen size log bed. Upon completion of the project, we explore extensively on the characteristics of board lumbers, panels of 4x8's, veneers, and studs in order to know how to work with them on construction and cabinetry projects. 

Regardless of projects and classwork, students learn the value of maintain the workplace environment and safety on a regular basis. Students are develop skills to recognize and eliminate hazards to health and safety in the workplace. We regularly maintain the importance of housekeeping tasks in the shop, developing a good employment ethics along the way.

Check once in a while, our finished projects are coming in spring. Some of them are for sale to support the Construction Technology Academy program.