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Elementary Pre-K Handbook

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Osceola Charter Preschool

Together for Children
2017 - 2018

The mission of the Osceola Charter Preschool is to provide each child a nurturing, safe, supportive environment, which together with
their family and community, assists them in developing the social, emotional, and learning skills necessary to become caring, creative
and productive individuals.

Absences – Parents should notify Osceola Elementary School by 9 AM if their child will not be attending that day. Should we not receive
a telephone call, someone will attempt to contact you. There is voicemail to leave messages on before/after school hours. The phone
number for Osceola Elementary School office is: 715-294-3457.

Attendance - Every learning day is important. Regular, prompt attendance helps young children build a lifetime of good school habits.
We encourage your child to attend school every day.

Accidents – We provide a school environment that is a safe and healthy place to be. If an accident does occur, parents will be notified.

Admission requirements - Students need to be four years old on or before September 1 of the current school year and live within the
district boundaries or have an open-enrollment agreement approved by the Osceola School District. All preschool forms, including
registration, immunization, medical, technology responsible use policy and Home Language Survey MUST be turned into the school
ENROLLMENT APPROVALS ARE MET. All children must be toilet independent.

Birthdays - We love to celebrate birthdays! Your child is also assigned snack day on or near his/her birthday. For those children who
have birthdays during the summer, their half-birthday will be acknowledged.

Cell phone use and possession- Cell phone use by our students is prohibited. Cell phones are not to be in use by adults while they are
working directly with children or in the vicinity of small children.

Curriculum - The program uses a thematic curriculum based on the WI Model Early Learning Standard and the Second Step Guidance
Curriculum by Committee for Children.

Directory Information
- Wis Stats 115.125 requires handbooks to include "directory information" This is the language from our Policy
Each year the District Administrator shall provide public notice to students and their parents of the District's intent to make available,
upon request, certain information known as "directory information." The Board designates as student "directory information": a student's
name; address; telephone number; date and place of birth; major field of study; participation in officially-recognized activities and sports;
height and weight, if a member of an athletic team; dates of attendance; date of graduation; or awards received. Parents and eligible
students may refuse to allow the Board to disclose any or all of such "directory information" upon written notification to the Board within
fourteen (14) days after receipt of the District Administrator's annual public notice.

Dress in school – Children should wear play clothes. If an accident occurs, extra clothing will be available. All outerwear should be clearly
labeled. Your child should practice dressing him/herself at home. We will help the children, but we encourage them to try first.
Children must wear inside shoes (clean shoes that stay at school all year) in school.

Emergency notification card
- Emergency information is kept on file. In case of an illness or injury, the information is used to notify and
advise you or the person designated by you, of your child’s status. It is extremely important that the information be kept current with
correct phone numbers. If your information changes at anytime, please notify the office immediately.

Emergency procedures – Emergency procedures are in place for the safety of your child. You will be notified when scheduled drills are
coming up. Should you have any questions regarding policies and procedures, please speak with your child’s teacher.

Field Trips –You will be notified in advance of all scheduled field trips.

Forms & Information - The following must be turned in by the first day of school:
1. registration form
2. immunization form
3. health form – completed and signed by medical personnel
4. technology acceptable use policy form
5. home language survey

Hand washing procedures – Children are responsible for washing their hands after entering the building from outside on the playground,
before snack, and after use of the bathroom. If the child sneezes or has a runny nose, they will be asked to wash their hands each time
they need to use a tissue.

Handwriting - If you wish to help your child print his/her name, please write their name beginning with a capital letter and using small
letters for the rest of his/her name. For a copy of the manuscript used at school, please see appendix.

Illness policy – Children who are ill with contagious disease or fever may not attend school. If your child becomes ill while attending
school, you will be called.
The teacher, nurse and/or office staff will determine if a child is too ill to remain at school. Any child experiencing the following
symptoms will be sent home:
● Fever of 100 o Fahrenheit or higher
● Contagious skin or eye infection
● Diarrhea
● Vomiting
● Profuse bodily discharge of any kind
If your child is sent home because of an illness, s/he must be free of any of the above symptoms without medication , for at least 24 hours
before returning to school.

Immunizations – State statute 140.5 (16) requires that a child’s immunization records are available and up-to-date. State law requires
that all children entering a Wisconsin school be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella,
hepatitis B and varicella (chicken pox). These requirements can be waived only if a properly signed health, personal conviction, or
religious exemption is filed with the school.

Medication - All medications must come from home, in the original container, with a note from home stating the date to start and stop
at school along with the dosage. At the stop date, the medication will be sent home. Over the counter medication not FDA approved,
including essential oils, should be given at home. If required at school, it must be accompanied by a medical provider’s signature for
administration at school by school staff. All prescription medications or natural supplements need to be in the original containers with
signed physician order and signed parent consent forms on file at school, before medication/treatment will be given.

Newsletters - Classroom newsletter is published and sent home with the children each week. This newsletter includes information on
current and upcoming events. Please review it carefully to keep informed.

Nursing services - Nursing services are available to all children by a professional school nurse. Services will be provided on an
as-needed basis. School personnel, teachers and paraprofessionals are also trained to provide on-site first aid as needed. The school
nurse, with the assistance of teachers and parent volunteers, does vision and hearing screening for teacher referred children to
determine if there is a problem in these areas that may affect learning .

Orientation - All families attend an Orientation / Open House meeting at the beginning of each school year. Important information will
be given out, and forms collected. Families who are unable to attend should arrange a separate time with the staff to receive this

Parent Education - We require the participation of a parent/legal guardian in at least three parent education events during the year.
The Open House counts as one of these events.

Parent/teacher conferences - Parent-Teacher Conferences are offered twice each school year. If at other times during the school year
you would like an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, you are encouraged to make an appointment before or after school with
your child’s teacher.

Parent Involvement- We require six parent involvement sessions during the school year. This may be completed within the class session,
or other pre-approved activity. Family members other than parents (i.e. grandparents, adult siblings, etc) may substitute for parents.
Here are some tips for your parent involvement days:
● If you cannot attend on the day you are scheduled, or if you need to send a substitute, please let the classroom teacher know at
least a day in advance.
● “Dress for mess”.
● Arrive at the classroom at least five minutes before the class is scheduled to begin.
● Check in with the office and get a visitors badge, then the classroom teacher.
Parents are not expected to be teachers. This is an opportunity to learn about what goes on in the classroom; any assistance
parents can give will be very helpful.
● There are many ways parents can help in the classroom:
● playing one-on-one with a child
● playing with a group of children in an interest area
● lead a small-group activity
● give a demonstration or expertise on a topic
Parking – No vehicles are allowed in the parking lot when buses are present, typically between 7:55-8:15 and 3:00-3:25 PM. If you will
be dropping your child off in the mornings, or picking up in the afternoon, please park in one of the 4 drop zones stalls along the South
side of Tenth Avenue and escort your child down the sidewalk to our main entrance crosswalk. Additional parking is available in the St.
Joseph’s parking lot, with a crosswalk to the OES lot.

Pets – If you wish to bring a pet to school, make prior arrangements with the teacher. Pets must be leashed or caged. The adult bringing
the pet is responsible for staying with the pet until it is brought home.

Records – The School District of Osceola has established a policy on student records consistent with the Family Education Rights and
Privacy Act, 1974. A copy of the policy is available at the district office. Records may include both progress and behavioral reports.

Reporting child abuse/neglect - Any school employee who has reasonable cause to suspect that a child seen by the person in the course
of professional duties has been abused or neglected or who has reason to believe that a child seen by the person in the course of
professional duties has been threatened with abuse or neglect and that abuse or neglect of the child will occur shall report such
information to the Polk County Child Protection Services as mandated by law.

Red Star Students – If there is a court order regarding the sole custody/ physical placement of your child or a restraining order is in place,
a copy of the court order must be on file in the school office. Contact your child’s teacher regarding any restrictions on who may pick
up your child while s/he is at school.

Safety – It is important that all children feel safe, whether on the bus, the playground, or in the classroom. Parents are requested to
explain the importance of safe behavior to their child. Parents are also expected to support disciplinary actions that are necessary to
help their child change unsafe behavior.

Schedule – See appendix

School Calendar – Mailed in June.

School Closings – When the school is to be closed for the day, or early close due to inclement weather, an announcement will be made
over the following:
Osceola School District website – homepage
Information is provided to Twin Cities television stations as well.
All parents are required to provide “early dismissal information” at the start of each school year, and are encouraged to keep all
information current. This is only used in poor weather conditions or emergencies.

School Folder - Each child has a folder with his/her name on it. This folder will go from school to home every day in your child’s
backpack. Please check this folder after every school day for communication from school and put notes to your child’s teacher in this
folder as well.

AM Class 8:15-11:25
PM Class 12:00-3:10

Snacks / Milk Break – Snack time is a very important social time for your child. We work on good manners, self-help skills, language
skills, making choices, and much, much more. When your child is asked to bring a snack, please provide items of good nutritional value
and in quantities enough for the entire class. Please make sure your child’s teacher is aware of any food allergies. Milk is provided each
day. Osceola School District offers the federal Special Milk Program in PreK for PreK students’ milk break. This program is offered as a
“Non-Pricing Plan” (no student is charged for milk). See Appendix for full notice on this program.

Student Pick-Ups
- We do NOT have a set pick up list. Each family will be expected to provide us a standard direction for daily dismissal.

Technology Responsible Use Policy (RUP) - In order for your child to use a computer at school, parents are required to sign a Student
Responsible Use and Internet Safety Policy.

Telephone Communication
– Please call the school to report absences, change of personal information, and/or to leave messages for
staff members. Email communication is also welcome. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher anytime you have a question or
concern. Staff will be available to return calls and emails during non-instructional times. Every effort will be made to return calls on the
day they are received. If you are not available to receive calls during that time, please let us know so a time can be arranged. OES phone
number: 715-294-3457.

Toys and Personal Possessions
- Bringing toys and personal possessions to school is strongly discouraged. The exception to this request
would be the child’s Show and Tell time. When a child brings personal items to school, the school is not responsible or liable when items
are lost.

Transportation – Transportation is available either to school at the start of the school day or at the end of the school day. Parents are
responsible for transportation at the middle of the school day (noon hour). Our staff will provide parents with assistance to set up car
pools, and we attempt to group children from the same daycares and neighborhoods into the same session (AM/PM).

Vacations - We encourage families to plan vacations during our regular school breaks. If you need to be gone for an extended time
during the school year, please make arrangements with your child’s teacher at least a week prior.

Visitors – Adult visitors may attend a class with prior approval. Please notify the teacher of your request two days in advance. Visitors
are not allowed on the school playground.

Withdrawal policy
– Parents who wish to withdraw their child from school should notify the teacher verbally or in writing at least one
week in advance, so that families and children on the waiting list can be properly notified.

● Manuscript Printing Sample
● School District Calendar
● Sample Daily Schedule
● Staff Directory
● Household Letter for Special Milk Program

Updated Staff Directory
Charter Preschool

Dr. Peggy Weber Elementary & Charter School Principal weberp@osceolak12.org 715-294-3457 ext 1010
Mrs. Peggie Osterbauer Administrative Assistant osterbauerp@osceolak12.org 715-294-3457 ext 1001
Mrs. Bobbi Driscoll Administrative Assistant driscollb@osceolak12.org 715-294-3457 ext 1002
Mrs. Rachael Robinson District Nurse robinsonr@osceolak12.org 715-294-3457 ext 1050
Mrs. Stacey Cunningham Speech & Language Clinician cunninghams@osceolak12.org 715-294-3457 ext 1106
Mrs. Kayla Dimler PreK Teacher/Room 26 dimlerk@osceolak12.org 715-294-3457 ext 1107
Mrs. Jenny Mauch PreK Teacher Room 20 mauchj@osceolak12.org 715-294-3457 ext 1114
Mrs. Katie Hannigan PreK Teacher/ Room 25 hannigank @osceolak12.org 715-294-3457 Ext 1109
Mrs. Marcia Carlson PreK / Early Childhood Teacher carlsonm @osceolak12.org 715-294-3457 ext 1105
Ms. Jennifer Elsenpeter  Teacher / Room 24  elsenpeterj@osceolak12.org 715-294-3157 ext 1123    
Ms. Renee Hoffman  PreK Aide / Room 25
Mrs. Kelly DeMoe PreK Aide / Room 24
Mrs. Jennifer Hansen PreK Aide/ Room 26 (AM)
Mrs. Jessica Cormican PreK Aide/Room 26 (PM)
Mrs. Heather Gott   PreK Aide/ Room 20

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