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Elementary school

Elementary General Information

OES Forms
Enrollment forms are available during the school year by contacting school offices. A packet will be mailed to you for completion.
Health forms are available under the link for Nurse on the District’s home page. Note that prescription medications can be administered at school, but a parent permission form AND a physician form must be submitted before staff can administer a prescribed medication.
Field trip and other grade level event forms are handled through classroom teachers. Building-wide event forms may be posted in this location, depending on the timing and scope of the event. Check back here for copies of mailings and forms sent home with students.

OES has a number of volunteer opportunities. Parents/guardians may request to volunteer in their child’s classroom. Osceola community members are also welcome to volunteer for our Morning Mentor tutoring program, as crossing guards, and through Osceola PTA. For more information, contact your child’s teacher or use one of the forms below.

Family Resource Center
Our Family Resource Center is located in the main entry area of OES, and has numerous resources for parents to review and check out. Books, magazines, DVDs and other resources can be borrowed through our self checkout process. Our Family Resource Center has comfortable seating and toys for small children, so parents can browse and read in a relaxed atmosphere.

Community Partner Fliers
The School District of Osceola reviews all fliers prior to distribution.

Kids Klub 
The School District of Osceola operates an on-site child care program called Kids Klub at both the elementary and intermediate buildings for K-5th grade students.. Kids’ Klub operates before and after school (6-8:15 a.m. and 3:15 – 6 p.m.) during regular school days, and before and after school during Summer School. In order to use this service, students must be pre-registered through Community Education. For more information, go to the District’s home page and click on Kids’ Klub.

Summer School
Approximately half of Osceola’s 2000 students attend Summer School each June. This 4-week offering includes classes for children who are age-eligible for Kindergarten through those exiting 8th grade. PreK –1st attend at the elementary school. Grades 2nd – 4th at the intermediate school and 5th – 8th at the middle school. Courses offered are primarily enrichment-based, although some students are strongly encouraged to attend and select some remedial courses as as part of their schedule. Registration materials are sent home with students in early March, with a deadline of late March. Summer School generally starts the Monday following the end of the regular school year, and concludes just prior to the July 4th holiday. Transportation is provided both ways for this program. Check back on the OES Forms link for more information when registration opens.

Osceola Preschool
Osceola Preschool provides services for Osceola’s children who are at least 4 by September 1st. Class sessions are held at Osceola Elementary School. Approximately 90% of Osceola’s children attend PreK the year prior to Kindergarten. For more information, contact the elementary office at 294-3457.