Elementary Second Grade Parent Night Presentation

Elementary school

2nd Grade Parent Night

Welcome to Second Grade

staff standing in the shape of 50

50th Anniversary

Schedule Information

Daily Schedule
  • 6 day rotation
  • Art, Library, Gym, Music, REACH, Computers
  • No Spanish
Intervention Block
  • 2 times throughout the day that children can be pulled for extra help on Math or Reading
  • Children will be split between 2nd grade & intervention staff

Reading/Language Arts
  • Differentiated Readers
  • Intensive, Strategic, Benchmark, Advanced
What is Fluency?
  • Weekly Fluency Reads
Read with Understanding
  • Skills practiced at home

Learning Targets 
  • Independent vs. Instructional Levels

Math goals for the year
  • Enjoy math                                                                                          
  • Develop computational fluency
  • Reason mathematically and develop problem solving skills
  • Find more than one way to solve a problems
  • Communicate their ideas orally and on paper
friendly ruler with math symbols and the word math

  • Minute Math
  • Classroom Routines
    • Provides practice with concepts and skills
  • Math Workshop and Activity
    • Provides students with repeated experience with the concepts being learned
    • Helps students develop independence and take responsibility for their learning
  • Math Discussions
    • Communicate and discuss math ideas

Reading - Writing connection
Writer's Workshop
Variety of genres including personal narratives, stories, reports, biographies, expository paragraphs, descriptive paragraphs, fables, beginning poetry, directions, persuasive posters, friendly letters and messages
2 children writing at their desks

Science and Social Studies Theme Highlights
With the use of FOSS Kits
  • New Plants
  • Air and Weather
  • Solids, Liquids, and Gasses
With the use of Lead21
  • Roles (at home, in school, and the community)
  • Community Life
  • Now & Then
  • Growing Up
  • Local Leaders
  • Physical Feats
Routines and Materials

Science is explored through the use of FOSS Kits
  • Foss Kits provide a hands on experimental experience
  • Units will take place during the benchmarks weeks of Lead21
Social Studies
  • Throughout the school year with Lead21
  • Responsive Classroom community building
  • Classroom experiences

Technology Tools

Promethean Boards

Computer lab

Student stations



compass learning login screen

Lead 21

Lead21 login page

Weekly Classroom Newsletter

Teacher Webpage

Notes for after school plans


Phone call
    Urgent during the day, call office

    October 22nd and 24th

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