Osceola Middle School

Osceola Middle School

Academic Supports at Osceola Middle School

Our mission: To ensure high levels of academic achievement and social emotional development for ALL students.
Learning Lunch
Students who need additional learning time may be invited/required to attend learning lunch. Rather than go to recess the student will report to the learning lunch classroom to get assistance on the work they did not complete during class time.

WYN is an acronym for “What You Need”. At the end of every day we have 40 minutes designated for student to get what they need to learn and grow. Students may be assigned/requested to go to a teacher's classrooms based on their learning needs. Teachers request students for reteaching/enrichment or students can request to see a teacher for reteach or assistance. Our academic/social interventions also happen during this time. Students are expected to read silently or work on class work if they are not requested to go anywhere.

STAR is an acronym for Setting Target, Achieving Results. Students who may need some small group instruction, study skills or organization skills may be assigned to attend STAR class during WYN. This class has a low number of student and their specific needs are addressed
individually. Students are recommended by school personnel, parents or self referral for STAR.

HOPS is an acronym for Homework, Organization and Planning Skills. This is a hex class that takes the place of one of the other hexes a students may have. There is a specific curriculum delivered in which the students practice the HOPS skills over the six weeks they attend this class. Student are recommended by school personnel, parents or self referral for HOPS.

High School Student Mentor
High School students volunteer to come to OMS one day a week to assist students with school work, read together and play games as a way to cultivate positive school attitudes and academic support.

During Class Time:
A core schedule that meets the needs of middle school students’ learning and social emotional development is in place at OMS. We have blocked courses (80 minutes) in language arts, science, social studies and math to allow for time for student to learn new concepts and practice with a teacher present to coach, facilitate and provide feedback on their independent work.