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2nd to 4th Grade Summer School as a PDF

Do you love basketball? Have you always wanted to learn how to play? Then this class is for you! In this class you will learn the fundamentals of basketball- dribbling, shooting, and passing- and work to improve your skills. We will also work on team work and good sportsmanship. Through a variety of fun basketball activities and drills we will practice skills working up to actual game play.

Do you enjoy making things? Here is a chance for you to learn the basics of crocheting and chat with your peers. (Cost: $5)

Come read and talk with friends! Join this class and you'll read some awesome books and be able chat with your friends about the many adventures great books can take you on! We will read books according to your interests and then have a meaningful discussion while enjoying each other’s company. Plan to take trips to the public library to find books to read in our book club and on your own. There will be plenty of time for silent reading your book of choice in a nice quiet setting too!

Think about all of your favorite books that have been turned into movies! Are they exactly the same? Are they completely different? In this class, we will read some of these amazing books together and then watch the movies based off these books. Together, we will investigate how well the movie matches the book and see which one you like better! Of course, snacks will be included!

Do you like the outdoors? This class is about teaching and practicing the skills to survive a camping trip. You will learn how to set up a tent, start a fire, cook food outdoors and other tricks. Along with learning the skills in camping, you will also have fun learning different games and activities that you can enjoy during a camping adventure!

There are so many games you can play with only a deck of cards. We are going to learn how to play a variety of these games and make up a few of our own as well. You will get to compete in weekly tournaments to test your skills and speed! Each student will receive their own deck of cards to take home and share the games we learn with their families.

In this class, we will be creating large, colorful crafts each week along with mini crafts to fill in the extra time. Some examples of the crafts will include crayon art, paper mache projects, and paper art. If you love explosions of color and getting your hands dirty, this is the class for you!! (Cost $5)

Come join the fun of learning the basic fundamentals of football, baseball/softball, and other team sports. Additionally, there will be time for students to put their fundamentals to use in games and game-like activities. You won’t want to miss out on this class!

Have you ever just wanted time to write? Here it is. You will have an opportunity to write using a variety of methods and purposes. Receive guidance from a teacher and work on creating your own published work.

Learn all about the incredible country of Japan from someone who has actually lived there! You will learn to speak and write in Japanese, taste delicious Japanese foods, learn to use chopsticks, and experience the culture through traditional Japanese songs, stories, art, games and activities! Have fun with your friends and learn about a different world in the comfort of an Osceola, WI classroom!

211- 2ND GRADE
212- 3RD GRADE
213- 4TH GRADE
Come join the fun and bring your “A” game to this class where we will play everyone’s favorite PE game of dodgeball! We will play the old-school classic versions of this game as well as new-school variations such as Dr. Dodgeball, Barrier Dodgeball, Prison Ball, Raindrops, Poison Ball, Island Dodgeball, and more. Tournaments and competitions will be held periodically. Warm up that throwing shoulder and get ready to dodge!

Gallop on in and learn why there are farms! Take on the role of the farmer and identify major animal species by sight and sound. Recognize products and the animals that the products come from through hands-on activities. List important agricultural crops used in production and describe how they get from the farm to the table, while preparing products using agricultural crops. As a farmer, the care for animals is important. Construct models of agricultural buildings using a variety of materials. ***Please keep in mind that we will be working with dairy and wheat products as well as peanuts. If interested in the course, please send a note with your child the first day specifying their allergies and I will do my best to accommodate those allergies. ***

This class will go through the basic skills in engineering and building. You will use regular household items to work on projects and build. We will explore different types of engineering and work on projects specific to each type. You will get to take home a few projects that you are excited to share with your parents.

Do you like to eat? Do you like to have fun? In this class we'll make and eat easy fun foods. We'll learn new things about food and cooking. And, we'll play games that are about what we know (and don't know) about food and cooking. (Cost $5)

Want to share your creative and silly side? Come and help us tell these funny versions of popular fairy tales! These readers’ theaters will introduce you to some hilarious fairy tale characters such as Spiderella, The Big Bad Mouse, and Little Late Riding Hood. Improve your reading skills and fluency in a fun way! These fairy tale characters will have you laughing in no time!

Bring your game face and some friendly competition for this class. We will learn to play many games ranging from classic board games to card games and many more. It is sure to be a good time playing and learning about strategy and teamwork. Once you learn how to play, you will be able to share your love of the games with others.

219- 2ND GRADE
220- 3RD GRADE
221- 4TH GRADE
MATH MINDS (Dots, Dice, and Dominoes)
Do you like math? Do you need more help? Are you worried about your math skills getting rusty over the summer? Join us in a small group setting to boost and retain math skills by participating in math games, using dots, dice, and dominoes in small group activities to keep your math minds working.

If you enjoy being outdoors and playing fun games, this is the class for you! Join us for kickball, hiking, tumbling, wiffleball, water balloon games, bean bags, badminton, and many more fun-in-the-sun activities!

It’s summer, so it’s time to get outside and play. Come join your friends in a variety of games like capture the flag, kickball, ultimate frisbee, and many more. You will learn the rules of many fun games as well as improve skills like throwing and kicking. And most importantly, you will have a blast!"

Come and create your own artwork with paper mache! We will create a beautiful piñata as a class. Students will also design artistic masks, cups, and puppets in various colors. Show your creativity with your very own paper mache masterpieces!

In this class, students will have the opportunity to practice their photography skills! We will go on nature walks at Cascade Falls, the water tower and some other wooded nature trails around Osceola. In addition, we will spend time photographing friends and use our creativity for other photography opportunities! Students will spend time each week editing and designing a SnapFish photo book online. They may use the pictures taken in class or they may bring in their own pictures from home for their photo book. We will order the book at the end of summer school so the student can take their photography work home! (Cost: $5)

226- 2ND GRADE
227- 3RD GRADE
228- 4TH GRADE
READING BOOST (Raz Kids Reading Boost)
Give your reading a boost this summer and have fun while reading online books that you choose and that are at your reading level. As you listen to, read, and take quizzes on books, you earn points to make a robot or rocket online too!

This class gives you the chance to spend time with your friends (and meet some new friends, too!) while enjoying a summer walk. We will explore the areas around our schools, walk around the athletic track, and explore Schillberg Park while hiking the many trails in the woods and along the creek … in search of the perfect spot to have a summer picnic or build a campfire for making s’mores. There will be times when we will hop on a bus to explore some of the local hiking trails and sites including Cascade Falls and the St. Croix River. Sign up and enjoy the outdoors. Summer Walk and Talk is the class for you!

This class is sure to keep you moving as we play a variety of tag games like freeze tag, blob tag, sharks and whales, and capture the flag. We will develop good sportsmanship, so bring your energy and excitement and even an idea of a tag game or two and we will have a fun time!

Learn how to be a great teammate by participating in various games, sports, and activities that require everyone working together. Come play classic team games such as basketball, soccer, kickball, dodge-ball, football, etc. Take part in team building challenges such as mine-field, tug-o-war, relays, and obstacle courses. Go ahead and join our team!

232- 2ND GRADE
233- 3RD GRADE
234- 4TH GRADE
Taking the outdoors to a hands-on level of learning! Learn the science of plant life and prepare growing media for plants. Match names to wildlife species and create track models identifying wildlife species. Prepare bird feeders for the birds. Describe differences in trees and discuss the products they provide humans, while practicing the process of paper making. Observe nature in a Nature Scavenger Hunt using the journals created throughout the 4 weeks of the course The Great Outdoors!

Want to travel around the U.S. without even packing a suitcase? In U.S.A. Explorers we will visit a new location in the U.S. each day by learning interesting facts and seeing breathtaking photos! We will learn about fascinating places that are popular tourist destinations. We will create a “Passport Book” to document our adventures and highlight the important discoveries we learn throughout the summer. Come and see the sights!

SWIMMING: Swimming lessons are offered during summer school at all levels. Lessons are for two weeks. Please make sure to note on the swim form any dates you know your child will be gone for scheduling purposes. The two weeks opposite swimming, students will be in Sun & Fun Games which involves a variety of activities played outside. Please enter the appropriate swimming level:

301: Level 1
302: Level 2
303: Level 3
304: Level 4
305: Level 5
306: Level 6