Food Service

Food Service

What's New with School... Food service!

As of July 1st, 2012 The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 is shaping out students’ lunch program! This program put into place requirements for more whole grains, fruits & vegetables, and age specific nutritional guidelines to improve the health of our youth. Osceola is keeping the pace! We are offering several FRESH fruit & vegetable options every day as well as whole grain breads. New products are continuing to hit the market, which we will add into our program throughout the year!  Healthy eating shouldn’t just be in our lunch rooms. At home, we encourage you to try new fruits and vegetables at least 1 time per week- make it fun! Add color to your plate.

Breakfast (Break the Fast)

Check out the breakfast menu for your specific school!  Oatmeal bars, muffins, yogurt parfaits, Belgium waffle sticks with fruit, & French toast are just some of the items we offer to get students started out on the right track. Not ready for a hot breakfast? We have cereal, & grab n’ go items too! Non-fat and low-fat milk are offered with all our meals. A healthy breakfast can fuel our bodies up for the physical and mental tasks of our day, especially on test days! There is no charge for breakfast for Free/Reduced meal plans.

Menu Options

All Students have at least 2 alternative options to the main entrée each day: yogurt and string cheese & peanut butter sandwich.  Middle School and High School students have a salad of the week. OHS offers the option of getting the main hot lunch menu or getting alternate lunches from the Lite Side, which varies with daily specials. 

Economic Changes

If your family is experiencing a decrease in household income, unemployment and/or qualify for Food stamps, we encourage you to apply for the Free and Reduced Meal program. This can be done any time during the school year. Applications are available by selecting under Forms to the right, or picked-up at any school office.