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Community Education

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The Osceola School District is proud to offer community education classes for adults and children. We strive to offer high quality classes for a wide range of interests. The goal behind the community education program is to provide to the community a variety of learning opportunities that will enhance one's life-long learning process. The mission of Osceola Community Education is to facilitate the learning and participation of adults and children so they can improve their lives and their community. We provide opportunities for local citizens, schools, agencies and institutions to become active partners in addressing education and community concerns. Community Education brings community members together to identify and link community needs and resources in a manner that helps people to help themselves and to raise the quality of life in their communities.

If you are interested in offering your expertise in any area and teaching a community education class, please contact the Director of Community Education, Dani Pratt, at 715-294-4601 or email

2017-2018 Community Ed Proposed Expenditure Report
School District of Osceola To Electors of the School District Of Osceola Community Education Proposed Expenditure Report Used for Fund 81 Adult Education supporting local programs for the community. Annual Meeting September 11, 2017 at Osceola Intermediate School 7pm. Notice as per provisios under 2013 Wisconsin Act 20, Levy Authority and District Community Services Fund reporting.