Integrated Algebra

All of my assignments are subject to change based on the day, but this will be a good guide if you are absent.

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Monday December 17

Objective: Students will identify dimensions of rectangles formed with algebra tiles and will identify factors of quadratics. They will write the area of composite rectangles as a sum and as a product. They will also learn that not all expression are factorable.

Practice Problems: 5-2 pick six of them to solve, and 5-3 through 5-9

Tuesday December 18

Objective: Students will multiply expressions using algebra tiles. Students will identify, use, and describe the Distributive Property.

Practice Problems: 5-13, 5-15 through 5-20 (HINT: 5-18 plot the points)

Wednesday December 19

Objective: Students will continue to practice multiplying expressions and will begin to use generic rectangles to simplify the process. Students will find missing dimensions of generic rectangles given pieces of area and will find missing pieces of area given dimensions.

Practice Problems: 5-24 through 5-32

Thursday December 20

Objective: Students will solve linear equations that involve multiplication. They will also solve quadratics that simplify to linear equations.

Practice Problems: 5-34 through 5-43

Wednesday January 2

Objective: Students will solve two-variable linear equations for one variable.

Practice Problems: 5-45 through 5-54

Thursday January 3

Objective: Students will solve single and multi-variable linear equations without using manipulative.

Practice Problems: 5-56 – 5-62

Friday January 4

Objective: Through the use of a table, students will learn how to write and solve a proportional equation based on a proportional relationship.

Practice Problems: 5-64 through 5-71

Monday January 7

Objective: Students practice setting up and solving proportions involving quantities taken from a variety of contexts.

Practice Problems: 5-73 through 5-82

Tuesday January 8

Objective: Students apply their proportional understanding to solve an application problem.

Practice Problems: 5-83-5-89

Wednesday January 9

Team Test

Thursday January 10


Friday January 11

Individual Test

Learning Logs

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