Honors Geometry

All of my assignments are subject to change based on the day, but this will be a good guide if you are absent.

Similarity Activity

Friday February 22

6.1 Objective: Students will use proportions to identify similar polygons.

Homework: Page 362 9-13, 23-26

Monday February 25

6.2 Objective: Students will learn that the ratio of the areas of similar figures is the square of the ratio of similarity.

Homework: Area Ratio Worksheet

Tuesday February 26

6.5 Proportionality Theorems

Homework: p 394 3-11 odd, 14-17, 21, 24

Wednesday February 27

6.6 Objective: Students will be introduced to the idea that similar shapes have proportional corresponding side lengths. They will learn how to make a dilation.

Homework: page 406 9-12, 16-20, 23, 31-33, Quiz 1 -3

Thursday February 28

George Washington’s Nose

Homework: page 395 16 and 17

Friday March 1

Review Stations and Team Test

Monday March 4

Similarity Test