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Needs Assessment

This survey, administered at the beginning of each school year, helps me determine priority classroom counseling lessons.  It also aids in identify students for small group and individual counseling.  I keep all survey results confidential (excepting threat of hurting self/others, or request by court).


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Links to Student/Staff Needs Assessments:

Elementary Student Survey

High School Student Survey

Staff Survey

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High School News:
8 OF 11 Seniors have applied for college!! Way to go, Class of 2020!! 
1 senior has signed with the Marines!  (as of 8/30)

SCAM ALERT:  There are many scams that HS families fall victim to regarding scholarships, FAFSA, and ACT Prep services.  Help keep your family safe by:
  • Do not provide personal information over the phone, especially if you receive an unsolicited call.
  • Ask for a contact number (scammers will often hang up when you ask for this).
  • Never "pay" for scholarship services.  Scholarships should always be free.
  • Ensure you only use the .gov website to complete the FAFSA.  The FAFSA is always FREE.  
  • Use reputable scholarship sites (see our scholarship page or your school's financial aid page for scholarships).
  • We have FREE ACT software and programs available to OHS students.  Stop by the counseling office for more information.
If you have any questions about if a program is reputable, we are always glad to help you here at school - call/email/come in.  

Take the pledge to be SAFE AND SOBER!

DID YOU KNOW?! Over 56% of OHS students are enrolled in the A+ program! 
(Check out the A+ link on the left!)

Upcoming Events:
9/4/19: Docudrama
9/6/19: Pre-ASVAB 7th-8th hours
9/13/19: ASVAB (Juniors) 8:00 a.m.
9/19/19: NWMSU @ Seminar
9/20/19: Senior Workshop: Scholarship (@seminar)
10/2 or 10/3: My Success Event (sophomores)
10/4/19: Senior Workshop: Financial Aid (seminar)
10/9/19: MWSU College Fair/Campus Tour (juniors/seniors)
10/17/19: P/T Conferences; FAFSA Night 6pm (seniors)

Past Events:
8/23/19: Senior Workshop: Applying to College (@seminar)
8/29/19: MO National Guard @ lunch

Adventures in Elementary

Classroom Counseling...


September Focus:  Needs Assessments;  Growth Mindset, Skills to Be A Successful Learner, Personal Plan of Study for Life-long Learning (AD4:B; AD6:A)


October Focus: Making/Keeping Friends, Respect for Self and Others Safe and Healthy Choices (SE2:A.B.C, SE3:A)


November Focus: Being a Contributing Member of the Community, Quality Relationships, Personal Responsibility in Relationships, Kindness (SE1: C; SE2:A.B.C)


December Focus: Effective Communication, Inclusion, Standing up to Bullying (SE1: C; SE2:A.B.C.; SE3: A.B.C)


January Focus: Self-Concepts, Personal Strengths, Balancing School and Other Activities (SE1:A.B.)

February Focus: Work Habits/Study Skills; Personal Plans of Study (AD4.A.B; AD6.A)

March Focus: Skills for Success, Career Exploration CD7:A.B.C.; CD8:A,B,; CD9:A.B.)

April Focus: (Testing Month) Stress Relief, Self-Care, Thinking Positive (SE1:A; SE3:C)

May Focus: Planning for the Next Year; Transitions, Summer Safety (AD5.A.B)