Spanish 1 :

Credits: 2  Length;  2 semesters

Course Description:  This course is designed to inspire the student to speak, write, read and understand beginning Spanish and to develop an appreciation for Spanish culture.   Vocabulary and grammar will be introduced and reinforced through group work as well as independent study.  Speaking is encouraged and participation is essential to achieving success in Spanish.

Spanish II               

Credits: 2    Length: 2 semesters

 Course Description: This course is a continuation of Spanish I and is designed to further develop students’ Spanish skills.  Students refine their grammar usage through continued review of basic grammar structures along with learning new grammar.  Vocabulary is essential and must be memorized.  Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are all targeted through recordings, stories, writing assignments, pair and group work.  Cultural information on Spanish speaking countries is covered.

Spanish III:

Credits: 2    Length: 2 semesters

Course Description:  This course will continue to develop students’ Spanish  language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.  New grammatical structures will be introduced.  Memorization of vocabulary is an important part of the class.  The focus will be on conversation and communication in Spanish with numerous opportunities to speak through pair work, group work and oral reports.  Storytelling will be used to reinforce grammar and vocabulary and the students will read a novel in Spanish.

Spanish IV:

Credits: 2      Length: 2 semesters

Course Description:  This course will introduce the more detailed grammar concepts of Spanish.  The four areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening will be practiced through pair work, novels, videos and storytelling.  The focus will continue to be on communicating in Spanish.