Potluck in the park every third Sunday of every month of the year, We donate time, sandwiches and volunteers to help feed well over 400 people. We enjoy giving back to our community and we have a great time doing it!
Thanks to all the staff, friends, and family who come out to help and thanks to Mary Hunger and Potluck in the park this is a great organization which really makes a difference to a lot of people.
2011 from right to left Bethany,Brisa,Lena, Rachel,Holly and family!
at Potluck in the park: Jen, Lena, and Marie trying to blend into the support pylon.


The Fool and Subman!
Every spring since 2009 our company sponsors a 9k fun run and walk in Longview WA, it's chilly and it's early in the Morning but it's a lot of fun.
This year we had a great presence with around a dozen and a half team members serving food to the runners, subman, and several participants. A half dozen of our staff walked the event and some of our staff and four members of Subway's "Race hard" running team ran it, although the fool beat us all.
Get ready for next year!
Biggest loser contestant casting!
Saturday the 26th The Biggest Loser held casting calls for contestants in the Portland area. Subway has a good relationship with this program and are happy to be a part of it. Locally our subway group was on hand with low fat/low sodium breakfast sammiches-Whole wheat english muffins with egg whites, veggies, high flavor low sodium sauces, and of course we sent Subman and Subdude along to greet the potential contestants! Nice work Brieanne you represented us well! Thanks for doing so!

This year was the second year for our blue lake run sponsorshipThis year we went bigger and better, two subdude and Sneezy our eatside delivery car along with Flags and flags and flags and coupons galore oh and subs for over 450 people. The Blue lake run takes place in October each year and offers a 15K run along a brilliant autumn tree line, a 5k and a kids run. It takes place 1 mile from store 42497 at 223rd and Glisan.

We are already planning next year to be even bigger and better! So start training and sign up now.

Subman and Subdude



Portland Shamrock Run
William,Maria, and Florin
This year marks the second outing for the Subway Group official running team. The Portland Shamrock run is a 15k, 10K, and 5k dart through town and up a mean hill. Event takes place Sunday, March 11th, 2012 at 8:00 AM 
Franchisees, subway team members, and subway group members run in all three events and make a great showing for subway.  We hear a lot of great comments while running and people really appreciated seeing us there. It's great to be part of a company whose logo evokes people to smile just from seeing it on you. I doubt many companies get that response.
See what did I tell you they always have great medals!
See you there next year!
While we are not official sponsors of the Timbers Orwasubway are members of the 107IST. We often team up with other 107th members and the Timbers when ever possible to support they're effort at blood drives and other events.
Our entire company are fervent TIMBERS fans!

We have donated to, volunteered in , and participated in the American Heart walk in Portland and Vancouver every year since 2005 Since adopting the Portland Heart walk in 2006 as our premier event it has gotten bigger every year.

It's a 5k walk and all proceeds go to heart health awareness and heart disease prevention.

We always have a strong presence involving Sub-man, 
Sub-dude, a few dozen Team Subway Northwest members,flags,food, signed subman photo's, tattoo's, 
give away's, and of course the subway canine division led by Fi-kun and this year his little bro Sev-kun and Polly the Pug.
 We had a lot of fun and perfect weather, it was the biggest year for the Heartwalk yet!
This 2011convention coincided with the San Francisco marathon. The Marathon Dubbed "Worth the hurt" due to it's considerable climb in elevation. Don't expect any Personal records here folks!
We had at least three subway Franchisees, one Subway group member, and a handful of employee's from Oregon,Washington, and Minnesota Run the half marathon, and one running the full marathon. No Apolo Ohno though and that's probably a good thing considering he'd probablyhave  put us all to shame. Although I almost took him out on a warm up run the day before. 

Yup,  Subway Franchisee's are running Hood to coast just about every year these days and we are always a big part of that.