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Amelia Orwant

elia's Web Page
General Information.
     HI this is Amelia. I am a member of the Orwant family this is my web page. since you probably don't know me I will now tell a bit about myself.
At age ten I am the oldest Orwant child (which sounds cooler than it is :D). I like to read and to draw. My favorite books are Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. I mostly read fiction but I like biography's as well. I go to Devotion school brookline MA. I have one sibling, my little sister Penny, she is two years younger than me. 

Recent interesting events.
This summer I went to Paris it was super fun, but there was a lot of walking and standing in line involved but it was worth it.
Here are some pictures I took at the Louvre:

 Well that was the Louvre there were many more fun places but it would take forever to do pictures from all of them so I will go over some main points in Paris well I did a lot of the main touristy places Museé d'Orsay, the Eiffel tower, the Aquarium, Aquaboulevard (A water park.) and many other places. I also made friends with many of the neighborhood cats the black one and the white one with black spots were the friendliest of the lot the calico was probably the most shy. 
Beginning 5th Grade
This year I have began fifth grade I have a very fun teacher named Ms. Baran. I am enjoying the new school year so far. I have a locker now with a padlock and everything. I am doing chorus instead of violin even though I am still continuing my private lessons with my amazing teacher Debbie Apple. Also I just joined a really fun art class Lesley (the teacher) is really nice! So that is fifth grade for now, I will tell more later.

              More later 
               -Amelia O

Jon Orwant,
Sep 21, 2013, 6:30 PM