Welcome to Digital Photography.
This 18 week course is a basic photography course will help you take better pictures.
Taking pictures is easy. Almost everyone can do it. Taking pictures that you can be proud of is a little more challenging. This class will cover some of basic design elements that will get you started towards making great compositions.
Time magazine recently reported that 10% of all the photos that have ever been taken since photography began over 150 years ago, were taken this year. There is no other time in history that has been documented with pictures than right now. So, what is it that separates the pictures that are hanging in museums from those that go completely unnoticed? Two things, choice of subject and good composition.

Learning to take great pictures takes a lot of practice.  Like most everything, the more time you spend learning how to do something and really working hard at it, you will get better at it.  I've spent a lot of years taking pictures and have learned a lot from other photographers and students.  The most important lessons I learned is along with a good teacher, the recipe for taking good pictures is to shoot a lot and look at other photographers pictures to see what works and why.  I can't wait to see your visions.  Now let's get started!