Life On Line Curriculum

Keep your students safe on line!
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Life.On.Line Curriculum

Operating System Skills Tutorials

Windows 7
Windows 8

Additional Skills

Creating a Classroom Website with Google Apps
Using Google Drive

Microsoft Office Skills

Microsoft Office Tutorial Site

Internet Skills

Using the internet instead of the library can have advantages
in currency and variety but can lead you astray with misinformation
and opinion. Here is a site from Houghton Mifflin that does a good
job of mentoring students and staff in the process of using and
finding information on the web. Remember that nothing replaces
supervision in the learning environment!
Internet Research Skills

Additional Expectations for Staff

Grade Sheet Skills
Setting up your Gradebook
Using Google Drive to Back up Files
Sharing Files with Google Drive

Connecting to Printers

Connecting to the Elem Staff Color HP

Connecting to the HS Staff Kyocera (MAC)

Connecting to the HS Staff Kyocera (PC)

Connecting to the Elem Staff Kyocera (MAC)
Scanning to your email on the Staff Kyoceras