Class Information

Please use the class information buttons to the left to answer questions that you may have.  I will be updating this information as it is needed throughout the year.

Daily, please check my Assignment Calendar!  It will list assignments, due dates of projects, test dates, field trip information, etc!

My students should bring the following items to class daily:
    * a water bottle (with water only)
    * healthy snack (save sugary sweet snacks for lunch)
    * school supplies
    * IDR book
    * math study link homework
    * a fantastic attitude and a smile!                  
Just a reminder of our specials schedule:  9:30 - 10:20 every day...


Welcome to my classroom!  It will be a great year.  The following tips will let you know how things work in 4th grade.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I am looking forward to a wonderful, successful school year!

A note from the nurse: If your child has had a flu shot, please let our school nurse know by sending us a note or making a phone call.  Thank you for the information.

At the start of the cold/flu season... please keep your child home if he/she is sick and remind them to wash their hands often.   Thank you in advance!

You will see an STAR STUDENT All About Me poster coming home in the next few weeks.  I will put a DUE DATE on the poster so you know when to return it completed.  Thank you for taking time filling out the poster so we can get to know your child better. 

Classroom needs:

Paper towels and hand sanitizer.

I am also looking to increase the size of our classroom library.  We are looking for grade appropriate books such as the Magic Treehouse series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, or other series 4th graders would be interested in reading.  

Also, our class would really appreciate age appropriate games students can play in small groups (board games, puzzles, etc.) to use during inside recess days or reward days.  If you have any such items that are cluttering up your home and you would like to unclutter...please feel free to donate such items as it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you all for your support!


We have snack at 10:45 am each day.  Please continue to bring a water bottle and a healthy snack to class every day.

And now introducing the links on the left:
Assignment Calendar: Daily assignments will be posted on my calendar each week.  Please refer to this calendar frequently.  It is a Google calendar which is available to be synced to your Google calendar if you use one.

This calendar also has my specific class information included as well as 4th grade information such as field trips.  Check this often for reminders.

Fourth Grade Links:  This is a page that allows you to click a link that brings you to many different websites to help your child in many subject areas.
Meet Mrs. Carlson: This link introduces me.  Unless something drastically changes in my life, it won't change.  Enjoy it once, and you can say "been there, done that."
4th Grade Team Page:  This links you to the 4th grade page where you will find news, information, and updates common to all eight 4th grade teachers and students.   The 4th grade page also has "links on the left" to be explored.  There is a link called "Links for 4th Grade" that connects you to some valuable outside sites to support and enhance academic learning.  Don't forget to check it out!   
Happy Surfing! If you have any questions or suggestions about my web page, please email ( or call me.  (Yes - I am still available by phone!)

4th Grade Curriculum:

Language Arts Curriculum:
Reading strategies to increase comprehension are practiced through guided reading groups.  Students will engage in word study through Words Their Way spelling curriculum.  Vocabulary will be built through rich literature and a study of Greek and Latin roots.

Using the Lucy Calkin's writer's workshop format, students will write in the following modes: personal narrative, persuasive, descriptive, informational, poetry, and fantasy writing.  Focus will be emphasized on good paragraph writing.

Students will be given many opportunities to present to their classmates through small group projects and individual book talks.

Math curriculum:
Through Everyday Math, students make sense of mathematics.  Problem solving strategies are developed and practiced.  Students increase their understanding with the four basic arithmetic operations applied to whole numbers, fractions, and decimals as well as build upon their previous understanding of geometry concepts.  Students begin the year by focusing on basic facts and continue to build knowledge throughout the year through daily use and games.  Each day your child will receive a study link which reinforces or extends upon the concept that was taught that day. At the beginning of each unit in the study link book, there are answers to these questions.  The answers are there for the parents to use in order to assist your child if he/she is having problems on the study link.  Please rip these pages out at the beginning of each unit and put them in a safe place.  The study link is always due the next day. It is very important that your child practice math facts on a daily basis.

Foss units include Water, Electricity & Magnetism, Matter & Energy, Earth Materials.

Social Studies:
United States Geography