Device Security

Physical Safety

Shattered iPhone by bellemarematt on Flickr

Prevent Damage

  • Keep your device in a padded case or sleeve when not in use, especially if carrying your device in a backpack or other non-laptop bag
  • iPads, iPod Touches, and other tablet devices should have a screen protector to prevent scratches and other damage
  • Do not put any food, drinks, or other liquids in the same bag as your device

Prevent Theft

  • Store your device in your locker and do not share your locker combination with anyone
  • Do not leave your device unattended, even just for a minute - it takes seconds for a thief to place it in their bag
  • Do not leave your device in a car, especially in the trunk or glove department - these are often the first places a thief will check. Extreme temperatures may also damage your device.

Unauthorized Access

Think about all the data accessible from your mobile device: email, social networks, text messages, online banking accounts, pictures, etc. Take precautions to prevent others from accessing this information.

  • Set a pin or password on your device, but stay away from obvious ones like your birthday, pet's name, sports you play, etc. See the Account Security page for more information on strong passwords.
  • Set your device to lock after a few minutes of inactivity, so that if your device is taken, you data is safe.
  • Keep your software up to date, as new versions often fix security holes exploited by hackers.
  • Install antivirus software on your laptop. Students using PCs or Macs are encouraged to install Avast Anti-virus on their device. A free malware scanner, MalwareBytes is available for PCs and Android devices.
  • Connect only to wifi networks that require you to login or to trusted wifi networks, e.g. the school network. Do not connect to any network named Free Public Wifi, or a variant thereof.
  • When in doubt - don't click! If a link or attachment seems suspicious, it is probably malicious.


In the event your device is stolen or misplaced, it may be possible to recover it using a tracking software, BUT the software must be installed previous to your device disappearing.

Here are several options for tracking a mobile device:

Also make sure to notify local law enforcement if your device has been stolen. If your device is stolen at school, please report it to your principal.


Avast Free for EDU
using PCs or Macs are encouraged to install Avast Anti-virus on their device. The following installers will connect to the district's management console, to enable Orono tech staff to assist students in removing viruses.