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SMART Board Pen Options

Changing Your Default Pen Properties

  1. Open the SMART Board Control Panel (Start > All Programs > SMART Technologies > SMART Board Drivers > Control Panel).
  2. On the left side, click SMART Hardware Settings.
  3. Click on the icon corresponding to the pen you which to change.
  4. In the Properties pop-up, set the desired color, width, and line types you would like.
  5. Click Save Tool Settings.
  6. Repeat for each tool you would like to change.
  7. When finished setting properties, click OK on the Control Panel window.

Changing Pen Properties Temporarily

Changing the settings while in Notebook 10, will only last as long as a pen is out of the tray.  As soon as your replace the pen, the settings will revert to their default settings.  See above for how to change the default settings.

  1. With Notebook 10 open, make sure the pen option is selected 
  2. Click on the Properties icon
  3. Click Line Style
  4. Set your desired properties
  5. Click Save Tool Properties