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Downloading from a Video Camera

Sony DCR-SR220 (Middle School)

The Picture Motion Browser software is required to download videos. Check in the media center to see which computers have the software installed.
  1. Connect the Video Camera to the Computer
    1. Plug power supply into an outlet, and then connect to the camera dock.
    2. Plug the USB cord into the computer, and then into the camera dock.
    3. Set the video camera on the dock.
    4. Turn the camera on.
    5. On the video camera screen, press “USB Connect”

  2. Open Picture Motion Browser application
    1. Go to Start > Programs > Sony Picture Utility > Picture Motion Browser.

  3. Open Import Dialogue
    1. Go to File > Import Media Files.
    2. Select "Handycam Utility" as source to import from and click 'OK'; the import utility will open in a new window.
    3. Click "Media File Import" on the left-hand side of the window.

  4. Select Videos to Import
    1. Click the checkbox of the videos you would like to import.
    2. You can check multiple files at a time by highlighting the files you would like to import, then right-clicking on the files and selecting "Check Highlighted Files".

  5. Select Import Location
    1. Under the video thumbnails is the location where your videos will be saved. Click the 'Change' button to select a different location than the one listed.

  6. Import Files
    1. Click the 'Import' button.  Videos will then be imported to your selected location.

  7. Convert to WMV File Format (if files need to be edited)
    1. Using the Picture Motion Browser, import your video files. 
    2. Then go to Manipulate > Convert WMV and Save.Click 'Browse' to select the location where you would like the files saved.
    3. Click 'Start'