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Welcome to the Orono Nordic Team Website
We normally meet at Baker National Golf Course. Practices are 3:15-5pm.
Upcoming Events:
Awards Banquet March 3rd 6:00-8:00 at Wayzata Free Church
Please bring your ski suit clean, labeled and in a bag.

Practice Plan


March 3rd

Wayzata Free


March 5th-12th

Wirth Park

Ski Camp Dec. 27-30, 2019

Here is a link to Shutterfly to access great race day photos!

Race Suit Care

Please follow these care instructions carefully. Wash the suit in cool water. Do not use fabric softener! Please make sure that other clothing in the washer does not have any type of velcro on it. It will find the race suit and ruin the finish. Hang the suit to dry! Do not put it in the dryer!!

~Meet Your Team Captains~

                                         Photo credit ~ Amy Johnson
(left to right) Greta Goldade, Angelo Fiataruolo (we think), Braden Kavanagh

Ski "Train-ing"

Front to back: Naomi, Greta, Avalon, Inga

2019-20 Orono Nordic Coaching Staff
L-R (Guest) Sonja Squiers, Adam Mahar, Speedy McCollor, Bill Conger, Mark Kobilka & Cindy Conger

What a fun costume race at Como Golf Course on 2-11-19

Section Race Photo 2-4-19
Photo credit ~ Amy Johnson


      ~Orono Nordic team photo gallery ~
Here's a link to Shutterfly where you can view photos of our team members racing.
Celebrating our First Practice at Baker last season (1-17-19)

Ski Camp ~ Dec. 27-30, 2018
ABR Ski Trails - Ironwood, MI

          Grace & Miles Miner racing classic at Hyland on 12-11-18

      2018-19 Orono Nordic Team photo 
Photo Credits ~ Amy Johnson
An early morning (post strength training) snow dance performed by AvalonJennyNaomi and Sonja 12-17
The best painting of The Rock ever!!

Your Orono Nordic Coaches

"Speedy" McCollor, Mark Kobilka, Oumar Cherif & Cindy Conger

Photo Archives
New team mascot, Oleg appears!

Skiers Sonja, Ava, Avalon and Naomi enjoy a little fun over the Thanksgiving break 2014 creating our new team mascot, Oleg!

Read this good article on nutrition and athletic performance...

Photo Gallery
Friday Fun - Spider Ball

City of Lakes Loppet Green Team Workers
February 1, 2014

Orono Nordic Sweatshirts

Ski Camp 2014 
Wolverine Village
Ironwood, Michigan

Coaches Kobilka, Saturday Coach Cherif and Coach Conger 

Coach Oumar Cherif - Frozen in time
November 2016