Orono Literacy Vision


Literacy Vision

Literacy Beliefs    

Literacy Goals
Our students will maximize their potential in life because of their experiences in Orono Schools.

All students in Orono Schools from birth through grade 12 will become educated citizens with a strong command of literacy that prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century and enables them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Literacy is the critical foundation for all learning.

All students are capable of gaining literacy skills that enable them to be successful as adults.

Evidence based decision making must be at the heart of all instruction.

Instruction must address the full range of learners.
A collaborative process for staff enhances individual student learning

All teachers are literacy teachers.

Continuous professional development and support structures enable staff to teach our students at a high level in literacy.

All students in Orono Schools will demonstrate reading, writing, communicating and critical thinking skills at their individual highest level, beyond proficiency. All staff will possess the knowledge, skills and dispositions to teach our students at a high level in literacy and engage students in higher-order thinking skills. Orono Schools staff will communicate to all stakeholders our shared beliefs, expectations, support systems and outcomes in literacy. 

Literacy leadership Team: Dr. Scott Alger, John Avaloz, Sarah Cole, Tina Dickenson, Dr. Connie Fladeland, Kristi Flesher, Jessica Frie, Rachel Gustafson, Nancy Johnson, Terah Knutson, Lindsey Lallas, Lindsey Nelson, Grace Nohner, Dr. Karen Orcutt, Beth Pearson, Penny Pease, Brittany Peterson, Kathy Recher, Aaron Ruhland, Dr. Amanda Sass- Henke, Laura Savat, Julie Schneider, John Smith, Dr. Pat Wroten, Dr. Jennifer McCarty Plucker