Literacy coaching has been considered one of the best practices associated with literacy improvement (Dole, 2004, Blanchowicz et al, 2005). During the 2011-2012 school year, the Orono Schools will increase literacy coaches to provide ongoing and job embedded professional development and support to teachers to improve classroom instruction. Current plans are to hire three coaches for the Prek-6 grades, with each coach having responsibility for two grades. The specific responsibilities of literacy coaches will include the provision of training, participating in PLC teams, observing teachers, modeling/demonstrating lessons, co-teaching, analyzing student data with teachers, and providing feedback for improvement. Support will be provided in writing workshop, reading workshop, guided reading, higher level thinking, common assessment, etc. Needs will be assessed on an on-going basis through structured observations, surveys, discussions and co-teaching. The entire purpose of the process is for system change and student improvement. The following diagram depicts the nature of the Coaching/Inquiry Process planned for Orono Schools.
Coaching Process

Orono Schools will train our 3 literacy coaches with our ATPPS peer evaluators at The Effective Literacy Coach at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA this summer and fall. A team of 6 Orono Schools staff will attend the formal professional development to be trained in the inquiry model in August, September, October and November, 2012.