Instructional Leadership

During the 2011-12 school-year, the Orono Schools began a two-year study of literacy practices. Elementary literacy practices were the focus of the first year. The scope of the evaluation included best practice analysis of current research, examination of disaggregated achievement data, intervention supports, as well as study of our current literacy model and professional development practices. Analysis of current instructional practices was conducted through interviews of key personnel, observations in all 41 classrooms, and an instructional practices survey completed by all staff. All elements of the study were used for vision and belief creation by the team. The large group team met to hear results, to cast a vision, and to work on designing next steps in support structures for teachers, collaborative interventions, assessment, elementary framework and planning the secondary study. In addition, a smaller subset of the group met on a twice monthly basis for the entire school year, led by the Superintendent. This district wide, leadership study team will continue to guide literacy work in the Orono Schools. Building literacy teams will be developed during the 2012-13 school year. The following graphic represents the Literacy Leadership structure in Orono Schools. 

Responsibilities of all literacy leaders include: 
  • Creating and communicating a vision 
  • Modeling that vision 
  • Implementing best practice strategies for students 
  • Sharing ownership and trust 
  • Reflecting and learning for improved student outcomes 

Orono Schools Literacy Leadership Team

Schumann Elementary
Dr. Connie Fladeland, Principal *
Tina Dickinson, 1st Grade teacher
Nancy Johnson, Special Education teacher
Terah Knutson, 2nd Grade teacher
Laura Savat, Kindergarten teacher
Julie Schneider, Reading Interventionist *

Orono Intermediate School
Dr. Scott Alger, Principal *
John Avaloz, 4th Grade teacher
Lindsey Lallas, 3rd Grade teacher 
Lindsey Nelson, 5th Grade teacher
Brittany Peterson, Special education teacher
John Smith, 3rd Grade teacher

Orono Middle and High Schools
Dr. Pat Wroten, Orono Middle School Principal *
Sarah Cole, Orono High School Language Arts teacher
Jessica Frie, Orono High School Language Arts teacher
Rachel Gustafson, Orono Middle School Language Arts teacher
Grace Nohner, Orono High School Language Arts teacher
Dr. Amanda Sass-Henke, Orono Middle School Language Arts teacher
Kathy Recher, Orono Middle School Language Arts teacher

District Office
Kristine Flesher, Director of Special Services *
Dr. Karen Orcutt, Superintendent of Schools *
Penny Pease, Information Technology Coordinator
Beth Pearson, Literacy Specialist *
Aaron Ruhland, Director of Learning and Accountability *

Dr. Jennifer McCarty Plucker, Literacy Consultant

*Literacy Study Team