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Mrs. Nelson and her husband, Justin, at Ms. Lallas' wedding! 

Ms. Nelson

Welcome 4th grade students and families! I am so excited to work with all of you this year and to learn together. 

Please use the sidebar to navigate important class information.  The Assignment Calendar is a great tool for checking homework for the week.  
Other important reminders:
1) Please have a water bottle with you daily!  Hydration is important!
2) Snack is at 10:45.  Bringing a big box of snacks to keep in your locker is always a great idea!  Then, you can restock as necessary.  
3) For birthdays, you may bring a treat, but make sure there's enough for everyone (25 students total)
4) Birthday invites should be sent through the mail, not through school in order to avoid hurt feelings. 

Ms. Nelson
lnelson@orono.k12.mn.us (best contact)
952-449-8338 X 6225