Welcome to Intermediate Art!

Where will your imagination take you?

Welcome to Art classes at Orono Intermediate School! 

Students will learn to "read" and discuss art by describing, analyzing, interpreting and deciding what they think about the work of art.  We will view great works of art from a variety of cultures.  We will compare and contrast artworks and learn about world connections and personal connections.  Common questions asked will include: What is the work of art saying? Can the same idea be expressed differently around the world?  (How) Does this art communicate to me?

We believe that all students create wonderful works of art!  This year, we will expand our boundaries of imagination and will be introduced to new ways of thinking about art and new techniques for creating art by using the 8 Studio Habits of Mind. We will emphasize craftsmanship and imagination in a variety of media including drawing media, paint, collage, printmaking, clay, sculpture and architecture, fabrics and crafts, and origami. In addition to bootcamps that help students develop techniques and skills, students will be pushed to explore their own identities and voices through themes of artistic behavior during choice-base studio-time. 

Parental assistance in the classroom is welcomed! Please contact me via e-mail if you are interested in volunteering in the art room.

I am looking forward to a magical, thoughtful, skillful year with your child! 

Laura Mayo

Intermediate School Art Educator (3rd & 4th grade)