Welcome to Academic Planning!

Welcome to 8th Grade Academic Planning at OMS. This is the fourth year of our program through a guidance initiative, and we are thrilled that 8th graders in Orono have this opportunity. There are many benefits to our students participating in this program:

*Creates enthusiasm for education
*Helps students discover their identity and build self-esteem
*Develops students' educational and career plans
*Improves success in 9th grade

Students need transition programs to help them succeed in high school and beyond. When middle level students experience a variety of programs such as social support, orientation for the next school, and academic support, students experience greater success freshman year.

This year your student will participate in a 4-week course where we will focus on academic goal setting and study skills, planning for life after high school, career exploration, basic budgeting, and high school preparation/ 4-Year plan writing. Additionally, I will meet with all 8th grade students throughout the year to analyze EXPLORE data, assist them with freshman registration, and meet individually to ease the transition to high school.

I look forward to working with the 8th grade class this year- they have an exciting journey ahead!

Jennifer Lubke
8-Up House

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