Health Services

Our health services team collaborates with educational and support services within the school and the community to promote student health for academic and student success.  The licensed school nurse (LSN) and health clerks work together to meet students' physical, emotion and social health needs, in addition to promoting the heath and safety of the entire school community.  Our team helps to bridge bridge health care and education by advocating for quality student-centered care.

Health Clerks
Our health clerks work in the school health offices under the supervision of the district nurse.  They are certified in CPR and First Aid and receive targeted health education on pertinent school health-related topics such as diabetes, anaphylaxis, asthma and epilepsy.  They perform the following services:
  • provide routine and emergency first-aid care to students with illnesses and injuries
  • administer medications as delegated by the LSN
  • provide care to students with chronic medical condition's as delegated by the LSN
  • assist district nurse with the prevention and control of communicable diseases, in addition to providing information to students and staff regarding communicable concerns
  • assist with vision and hearing screening programs
  • maintain documentation of immunizations and other health conditions as part of the students' health records
Licensed School Nurse
The licensed school nurse is a registered nurse with a baccalaureate degree and is licensed in public health and school nursing.  Our district nurse provides care and coordination for students at all schools through collaboration with support services, health clerks, and educational support staff.  Together, with the health clerks, the LSN promotes and maintains the health and well-being of all students.  In addition, the LSN will:
  • delegate and supervise first-aid care, medication administration and health procedures
  • assess, plan and document for students with health issues
  • provide and plan the direct services for chronically ill or medically fragile students needing health procedures
  • plan for and provide vision and hearing screening referrals
  • provide health consultation and education to students, staff and families
  • provide referrals to community resources
  • coordinate prevention and control of communicable concerns

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