In Orono Schools, we believe that good character and ethical decision making are critical skills for children to succeed in life. Our character development program is grounded in systemic, school-wide processes and classroom instructional practices. These include: 
  • Adults as living examples for students, modeling problem solving based in ethics and shared values. Staff has been hired, trained, evaluated, and retained based on demonstrating ethical principles, as well as other key skills needed for positions. 
  • Classroom management practices centered in community-based and responsive strategies, rather than punitive discipline.
  • Conflict resolution and service learning as vehicles to facilitate character development in every classroom. 
  • Character development experiences and discussions that are layered on top of existing learning activities in classrooms to raise the level of critical thinking.
We believe this comprehensive, ecological program is critical for children to feel safe, cared about, and engaged as responsible citizens in making ethical decisions throughout a lifetime.