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The 8th grade entries in this exhibition are from our Arts Fusion class taught by Mrs. Chapman and Dr. Pardun Johanssen.  In addition to teaching media literacy and basic filmmaking, this class looks critically at the work of artists as social activists in film, theatre and visual arts to prepare students to produce their own PSA (public  service announcement) on the social issue of their choice. The PSAs are powerful messages meant to be viewed by their peers.
Art Fusion PSAs

You may notice that some artworks have a QR code. If you download a QR reader for your smart phone, you may scan the QR code which will take you to a voice recording of the student’s artist’s statement.

Check back soon for photos and videos from the exhibiti
Final Rehearsal for Degas' The Ballet Class performance with Ms. PJ 
 (student large scale recreations of Degas paintings on stage)
Arts Fusion was created in order to provide the best whole arts experience possible in a small amount of time.   It is a collaborative venture taught by Dr. Kirsten Pardun Johannsen, Performing Arts, and Mrs. Lockie Chapman, Visual Arts,  with the assistance of guest artist and Orono parent Emil Moffa.  The concept of a living tableaux was inspired in part by the Pageant of the Masters arts festival in Laguna Beach, CA.

The collaborative nature of the course supports student learning on many levels.  
In four and a half very busy weeks, students have a chance to work as visual art historians, artists, dramaturges, playwrights, designers, directors, actors. filmmakers and musicians as they work in teams to bring a masterwork to life. Student teams record and share their work on this website as they seek to better understand, perceive, imagine and reflect on the work, style and subjects of a major artist of the late 19th, early 20th century.  
 After selecting the performing, media arts or visual arts track, students then begin the incredible work of recreating a life sized painting on artists’ canvas, or creating all aspects; emotional, intellectual and visual, of several characters found within that painting and other works by the featured artist. Finally, the performing and visual teams reunite to perform their masterpiece in a gallery showing to be held at the end of the session. 

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