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Playing An Instrument
is More Than

Playing an instrument in Band or Orchestra teaches students to coordinate their
individual abilities into one central effort.  It gives them a feeling of group loyalty and
a sense of belonging.

Playing an instrument teaches responsibility.  Emphasis is placed on following
instructions and students develop a sense of their role in group achievement.

Personal Achievement
Meeting and overcoming challenges is one of the single most rewarding
experiences of playing an instrument.  Orchestra and Band both provide
opportunities for students to grow musically and learn to reach their goals.

Respect for the Arts
Participating in Band or Orchestra encourages respect for great artistic
achievement.  It also teaches aesthetic values and an awareness of the beauty in
music and the arts.

Making Friends
Students in Orchestra and Band are a special group of young people.  Working
together as a team develops strong bonds that can become lasting friendships.

Self Confidence
The sense of personal worth that students achieve from creating music
together can stay with a student the rest of his/her life.  Many prominent
persons point to early music training as an important part of their upbringing.

Enjoying School
For many students, playing in the Band or Orchestra is the highlight of their school
day.  The pleasure they get from seeing their friends, having fun performing together
and working toward a common goal becomes a big part of their success in school.

Enhancing Academic Performance
Research indicates that participation in music enhances academic performance.

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