Welcome to Learning Habitat 2!

This learning site will provide you with information about our Year 1&2 learning in Habitat 2.  
  • Please check OUR BLOGs for updates on our learning environment written by the Learning Coaches and Learners. 
  • The DESIGN / PLANNING tab gives you insight into exactly what the Learning Coaches have and are planning day to day for the learners in the Habitat.   
  • The iDEVELOP tab will provide a more in depth view of what has and is happening during this time when we focus particularly on Numeracy and Literacy. 
  • The iEXPERIENCE tab gives you a picture of what has and is happening during this time when we give the Learners experiences in, for example, PE, Art, Science etc.
  • The iEXPLORE tab will show you some examples of what the learners have chosen to find out about and explore during this time. 
  • Click on the DIGITAL TOOLKIT tab if you are wanting to know what applications and websites we are using in Learning Habitat 2.

LH2's Learning Coaches are:
Mrs Lennon
Is our  Learning Coach for the 'Bee' hapu group.  

I am the Learning Coach for the 'Worm' hapu group and am delighted to be given the opportunity to support all the wonderful young learners in LH2.  

In my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking, music and sports (both watching and participating).  I live in Beachlands with my patient husband, two amazing daughters, 
one rather silly cat and two inquisitive hens.

Miss Morgan 
I am excited to be part of the LH2 team and support the learners to be motivated and engaged in their learning. I have two cats and I love dancing, arts and reading. I am looking forward to learning along side our wonderful learners. 

I'm proud to complete our LH2 Oresome 4-Some! 
I'm ready to climb into Connected Canyon, sail the stormy seas of Curiosity and swing from the vines of Collaboration to reach the beaches of Capability as we all set off together on our 2016 learning adventures!

I also like running and spending time with my 4 children, 
lovely wife, 2 dogs and my pet dragon.
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