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Welcome to Student ICT support!

This support website will help students to able to do everyday task's and activities that they are given to do online for example Presentations and Word documents on Google docs, also Spreadsheets followed by Form and Drawing.

"Don't know on how to use the Google docs quickly and efficiently this site will help you with its quick and easy to follow steps!".

                                                                                            Tips and Tricks you might find Useful 

How to Comment on your peer's document and comment on how you will be able to mark your friends work with Google comments!

Adding a comment: There are two ways to leave feedback
on another author’s document once the document has
been shared:

Inserting comments-
you are able to comment on your friends work for example how well they have worked and you can even mark there work and also students can 
also create comments that can inform their teachers about different parts of their text or presentation documents.

To to do this highlight the amount of text you wish to comment or just word you would like to comment on doing this a caption box will pop up on the right side of the document with the textbox for comments.

after these steps you will see the commenters User name and time/date they have commented also a user picture if you have  uploaded one 
Great! now you know how to put comments on your text documents! 

this link will help guide you via online  tour!

Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online

Choose who can access your documents.
Just enter the email addresses of the people with whom you want to share a given document and send them an invitation.

Share instantly.
Anyone you've invited to either edit or view your document, spreadsheet or presentation can access it as soon as they sign in.

Edit and present with others in real time.
Multiple people can view and make changes at the same time. There's an on-screen chat window for spreadsheets, and document revisions show you exactly who changed what, and when. Viewing a presentation together is a breeze, as anyone joined in a presentation can automatically follow along with the presenter.

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Share and collaborate in real time

Create basic documents from scratch or start from a template.
You can easily do all the basics, including making bulleted lists, sorting by columns, adding tables, images, comments, formulas, changing fonts and more. And it's free.

Upload your existing files.
Google Docs accepts most popular file formats, including DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, PPT, etc. So go ahead and upload your existing files.

Familiar desktop feel makes editing a breeze.
Just click the toolbar buttons to bold, underline, indent, change font or number format, change cell background color and so on.

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Safely store and organize your work

Edit and access from anywhere.
There's nothing to download; you access your documents, spreadsheets and presentations from any computer with an Internet connection and a standard browser. And it's free.

Safely store your work.
Online storage and auto-save mean you needn't fear local hard drive failures or power outages.

Easily save and export copies.
You can save your documents and spreadsheets to your own computer in DOC, XLS, CSV, ODS, ODT, PDF, RTF and HTML formats.

Organize your documents
Easily find your documents by organizing them into folders. Drag and drop your documents into as many folders as you want.

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Control who can see your documents

Publish your work as a web page.
You can publish your documents online with one click, as normal-looking web pages, without having to learn anything new.

Control who can see your pages.
You can publish to the entire world, just a few people or no one -- it's up to you. (You can also un-publish at any time.)

Post your documents to your blog.
Once you've created a document, you can post it to your blog.

Publish within your company or group.
With Google Apps, it's even easier to share important documents, spreadsheets and presentations within your company or group.

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Google Docs known Issues

IF students have any problems with google docs feel free in their breaks  to ask Mavish about help.

Images with dimensions greater than 2000 pixels cannot be uploaded.
We're aware of this issue. In the meantime, one workaround is to resize 

More than one form editing window open over writes changes saved
We're aware of a problem that occurs when someone has more than one form editing window open for the same form. The workaround to avoid edits from one form editing window overwriting edits from another is to ensure that you only have one form editing window open. This is the window that opens when you select Form > Edit form.

For more help ask Mavish. :)