What is Seesaw?

This is choose your own learning.  Please click on the links for the topics most appropriate for your position and skill level.

Primary Buildings
All students will be added automatically into your homeroom class.  Specials teachers will be added as co-teachers.  Specials teachers can add folders to the homeroom such as Music, PE, Art, etc.  Having only one class will allow students to easily join their only class with the QR code.

Intermediate Buildings
All students will be added to each class automatically.  However, unlike in the primary buildings, each teacher will have their own class.  Students will be able to log in once using their Google account and then switch between their multiple classes (math, PE, art, etc.).

Just beginning?

Designed for teachers who haven't used Seesaw before, we will teach you how to get started. This session will be hands on! Explore the creation tools within Seesaw, see tips and tricks for beginners, and walk away ready to create your class! This is an hour long lesson, and combines Brand New to Seesaw 1 & 2 webinars.

Join fourth grade teacher Kara Brem as she shares the ins and outs of using Seesaw in her classroom during this hands-on training session. Get real-life tips that you can use tomorrow, connect with other amazing educators, and leave inspired to empower your students and engage families in new ways.

This webinar will walk you through the steps of implementing ideas into your classroom. We will dive into all the QR code options that Seesaw offers! First, we will explore the basics related to the class QR code and parent invites. Next, we will demonstrate how to create QR codes for items added to Seesaw in just two taps. We will give you ideas to try in your own room!

Help your students learn the skills the need to be good digital citizens! Start with this video, then print out our posters to hang in your classroom. Get everything here:

Stop by for 10 minutes and check out the amazing new drawing tool features in Seesaw. Our live demo will show you how students can add text labels to photos, drawings, and create drawing videos. We'll also share ten lesson ideas to get you started! Get lesson ideas here

Think you know it all?

Learn how to create an awesome 'Meet the Teacher' letter for Back to School! Customize this template here: Then create a custom QR code to your welcome video in Seesaw.

Blogging has never been easier than with Seesaw blogs! Seesaw's Angela G will show you how to set up your Seesaw Blog, how to connect with other classrooms, and share digital citizenship resources.

Join elementary teachers as they share examples of their students using Seesaw to engage in various literacy activities. Take a peek at incorporating Seesaw with fluency, literacy stations, and more!

Join first grade teacher Andrea Birzer and high school teacher Julie Jacobs as they share tips and ideas for preparing for conferences with Seesaw. Whether you have student-led conferences or parent teacher conferences, this will be a session packed with ideas to make the process easier while empowering students!

Step into Beth McDonald's science classroom and see how her students use Seesaw as a digital lab notebook. See how students are able to use video, photos, voice, and drawings to capture their learning and reflect. This will be a great webinar for any teacher incorporating STEM activities as well.

Are you eager for your students to connect globally? Join Angela and Pamela Algie, a kindergarten teacher in Northern Ireland, as they share how they created a global classroom through Seesaw. Hear the step by step plan, ideas, and ways to participate this year!

Kindergarten teacher Jonna Mcgaughy shares the ins and outs of using Seesaw for flipped learning in this hands-on training session. 

Join ELL teacher Bri Savic, French immersion kindergarten teacher Jessica Schmidt, and Spanish immersion teacher Ada Perez as they show you how their language learning students use Seesaw. They’ll share tips for getting started, favorite ideas, and answer your questions.

Let’s explore how Seesaw can empower students with special needs to share their voice and successes. This amazing panel of special education teachers will show you how their students Seesaw. They’ll share tips for getting started, favorite ideas, and answer your questions. Join Wendy Thompson, Heather Gauck, and Kelli Ohms for this great discussion!

Get ready to start Seesaw in your specialist classroom! This amazing panel of teachers will show you how their students Seesaw. They’ll share tips for getting started, favorite ideas, and answer your questions. Join Justin Schleider ( P.E.), Merry Mullins (Art), and Megan Endicott (Music) for this lively discussion!

Ready for a fresh way to approach assessment and give your students more ownership in the process? Join us as we explore the basic tools built into Seesaw that enable students of all ages to show what they know. See how adding voice, drawing, photos, and video can provide you with insight into your students' thinking. We'll explore the additional formative assessment tools in Seesaw Plus and you'll walk away with tips and tricks!